#TradesTalk discusses body image for Mental Health Awareness Week

#TradesTalk discusses body image for Mental Health Awareness Week

This week’s #TradesTalk Twitter chat returned to the topic of mental health, with a focus on body image to match the theme of this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week.

The trades discussed the reasons for poor body image, how that can impact mental health and what the solutions might be. Here is our round-up of the best bits.

The first question looked at poor body image, and there was a huge variety of answers with many people feeling they had become more comfortable as they got older.


The Mental Health Foundation‘s research suggests that social media plays an important role in body image, and this was discussed next.

The conversation then moved on to other influences on mental health and body image.

The fourth question was about whether the trades are expected to look a certain way.


The next question asked the #TradesTalk community to define their body image, with mixed results.


The final question looked at measures to improve body image.



#TradesTalk takes place on Twitter every Tuesday from 8-9pm, talking about everything from tools to mental health.




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