The rise of the pocket door

The rise of the pocket door

Professional Builder talks to Rocket Door Frames about the rise of the pocket door.

In the past it would be fair to say that pocket doors could be problematic, both for the end user and installer. How has that changed?

The pocket door market has traditionally been dominated by a low cost wooden based system designed in the 1950s that could be unreliable due to warping and was a hassle to fit. The arrival of the steel pocket system a few years ago was hailed as a game changer, but it was quite expensive and not within everyone’s pocket (ha ha).  The steel systems proved to be more reliable and easier to fit, as well as having a better sliding action and extended lifetime.

Yes, but why have pocket doors become so popular in the last few years?

Well, it’s all down to costs really, especially with the arrival of the all steel ‘Rocket Pocket’ system nearly three years ago. I promised a steel pocket system at the same price as the wooden ones, bringing a more reliable and longer lasting pocket to everyone. Rocket Pocket is a full steel pocket door system for everyone’s pocket.

How did Rocket Pocket manage this?

Improvements in the manufacturing, using cold rolling of steel, meant the complete system could be manufactured more efficiently – and much more economically. Rocket Pocket steel systems are designed specifically for use with UK standard doors, either 35 or 44mm, so you can purchase the door of your choice and it fits into the Rocket system.

Are Rocket Pocket Doors easy to fit?

Firstly, you can choose your own UK standard door panel. The system does need to be assembled, but this is a very easy process that can literally take you no more than 20 minutes, and you have the full sliding system ready to install – all you need is a power screwdriver. For the installation, a drill a screwdriver and a level is just about it. The Rocket system uses standard 12.5mm plasterboard, standard 35 or 44mm UK size doors, and finishes to standard wall thicknesses, so there’s nothing special or difficult about the installation.

So, why should I buy a Rocket Pocket system rather than a competitor?

Lots of reasons, and cost is the first, as well as next working day delivery included in the price. What you’ll be getting is a full steel pocket system at less than the cost of many wooden systems. Add to that, strength, reliability and top class customer service and it’s as good as it gets.

Do Rocket just make Pocket Systems?

Actually they are at the forefront of the development of flush hinged door systems, which are becoming very popular at the moment – no jambs, no architraves, with the door flush with the wall.

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