Rocket Door Frames- Frameless Flush Doors

Rocket Door Frames- Frameless Flush Doors

Ever been asked for a flush door and then found out they are really expensive? Here’s a way to an affordable solution with Rocket Door Frames.

It’s very fashionable at the moment to have frameless flush doors, with no architrave and no frame to be seen. This demand is driven by clean, uninterrupted interior designs.

Rocket Door Frames made a big splash in the pocket door market recently and is now bringing its latest development to the market. A frameless flush door system without breaking the bank, but still keeping the quality at a maximum.

It’s a two section steel frame that fits over the plasterboard both sides of the wall and cleverly adjusts to various wall thicknesses.

It is simple to fit, with innovative steel angle joints, steel perforated frame for plastering into and a solid steel bracing bar to keep it square when you install.

Pull left or pull right – the frame adapts to whichever you want.

Just like the manufacturer’s existing pocket door system, everything else is included. The hinges, for instance, are FD30 approved and manufactured in Europe. These are invisible hinges that are three way adjustable, so you can position your door perfectly.

For a really quiet and soft close, a closing gasket made by Schlegel – one of the top gasket manufactures in Europe – is used.

A set of strike plate adaptors allows you to choose the latch/lock you want. In addition, a roller bolt latch, Euro and DIN Sashlock can all be accommodated.

The frame simply screws through the plasterboard into the studwork and you skim to the edges and voila – it’s done!

The neat trick here is that Rocket make these frames in sizes to fit UK door sizes, so 2ft. 3in. – 2ft. 6in. – 2ft. 9in. are available as are 726, 826 and 926 x 2,040mm. So you can get the size you want at the price you want. The system suits 44mm door thickness.

And last but not least…

If you compare prices then the Rocket frame is less than half of almost all other flush door arrangements. Not only that, but thanks to the cute fire testing done by Rocket to get the FD30 approval. Instead of having to route out your doors for the intumescent strips to fit into, the company has designed the system so the intumescents fit flat onto the frame, so there’s no routing needed, saving time and money. The intumescent kit is available direct from the manufacturer.

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