Latest trends in interior doors with Rocket Door Frames and you could WIN a hinged door kit

Latest trends in interior doors with Rocket Door Frames and you could WIN a hinged door kit

Rocket Door Frames looks at the latest trends in interior doors – and how tradespeople can capitalise.

The flush ‘No Architrave’ look for doors is becoming much more common and more requested by customers as interior designers integrate the door into their designs. They do this by eliminating the architrave, the visible frame and by using a flush 44mm door that can be painted the same colour as the walls, made part of a design or even wallpapered over to make it disappear.

In the past this had involved an expensive and elaborate system to get the perfect look but now Rocket Door Frames have changed that with a flush ‘no architrave’ frame without all the hassle and high prices to go with it.

Rocket Door Frames are known throughout the trade for their innovative and very keenly priced steel pocket door system and by applying the same principals of simplicity at a great price they have launched a range of steel hinged frames for flush doors, fully galvanised at very keen prices. So, what do you get for this? “Surely something is missing when some competitors are more that twice the price!”

Take a look…

Telescopic galvanised steel frame 89 – 102 cm wall               – Included

European invisible hinges 3 way adjustable                           – Included

Router jig for door hinge routing                                             – Included

Quality closing gasket                                                             – Included

Strike plate adaptors                                                               – Included

Lifetime Warranty                                                                  – Included

Walls up to 30cm thick can be accommodated using a range of telescopic extension kits, also supplied by the manufacturer, and they haven’t forgotten Fire Regulstions either. There is a three-hinge version that comes with all intumescents which (incidentally attach to the frame, so no need to rout out the doors) and have full 30 minute fire approval.

So, if you are looking for a modern contemporary look for doors then take a look at Rocket Doors Frames

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Rocket Door Frames is giving away a hinged door kit to one lucky reader. The unit is available in any of the six sizes the company has in stock, and can be fire rated if needed, with everything included except the door. For your chance to win fill in the form below.

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