Tech Talk: Impact Black and Impact Gold Torsion

Tech Talk: Impact Black and Impact Gold Torsion

In the latest instalment of our Tech Talk series, Kevin Brannigan, marketing manager at Makita, details the company’s new range of Impact Gold Torsion and Impact Black impact bits.

Even the most basic construction task often involves a drill, whether it’s fitting a shelf or hanging a door. Many in the trade are happy to use a drill driver, but could still benefit from investing in an impact driver. Unlike standard drills, impact drivers deliver rotational and linear blows that either drive or loosen screws, while also forcing the bit into the screw head for improved grip. In practice, this means that using an impact driver can render certain tasks, such as drilling pilot holes, unnecessary. However, to get the most from these tools it’s important to understand their power and how that affects the tool’s bits.

Standard screwdriver bits are unable to deal with the torque exerted by impact drivers and will become damaged if used. In turn, this means that the bits will need to be replaced frequently, which delays works and adds to project costs. Instead, tradespeople should look to use torsion impact bits, which provide much greater durability. Makita offers a number of solutions specially designed to overcome this issue. One example is our Impact Black range, which is suitable for use across a number of tools, fits and applications. Products from the range are on average 20 per cent more durable than a standard screwdriver bit and can easily withstand the high torque produced by impact drivers.

The Impact Black range is the perfect solution for anyone who periodically uses an impact driver. However, for those tradespeople who frequently rely on the tool, such as professional landscapers, it’s often best to look for an even more durable solution. Thankfully, this does exist in the form of our Impact Gold Torsion range, which has been specifically designed for high-torque impact drivers. When compared to a regular screwdriver bit, single torsion products from the Impact Gold Torsion range can last up to 10x longer with double torsion bits reaching up to 12x longer. This can be further increased to 15x longer when the range is coupled with an Impact Gold Torsion Bit Holder. Unlike standard screwdriver bits the range features a unique design which focuses the forces exerted on a regular screw bit away from the tip. For users this means that there’s far less chance of breakages, even during extreme impact applications.

Products from the Impact Black and Impact Gold Torsion range not only last longer than standard screwdriver bits but can also open up the range of tasks that can be undertaken using the tool. Makita is able to offer a range of accessories allowing users to conveniently convert their tools, such as the Impact Range Nutsetters. Fitting this solution onto your impact driver instantly converts it into an impact wrench, thus creating a new avenue of potential work opportunities. Double-ended bits offer quick changes and longer product life and the Mag Boost accessory holds screws to the end of the bit in tight or long reach situations by increasing the magnetism of any screwdriver bit. Additionally, both ranges include a variety of lengths, including ShorTon bits that are 20mm shorter than the industry standard to enable better access and manoeuvrability and the Impact Tilt Socket Adaptor tilts up to 15 degrees for work in tight spaces and providing further versatility.



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