Rainclear Systems adds Skyline Aluminium Sloping Coping to the website

Rainclear Systems adds Skyline Aluminium Sloping Coping to the website

Rainclear Systems, the UK’s leading stockist and online retailer of metal rainwater systems have added Skyline Aluminium Sloping Coping to the metal roofline products available to buy on the website.

The Skyline Aluminium Standard (flat) Coping range has been on the website since 2019. And sold really well from day one. As a result they have now added the Sloping Coping range to the website.

You can expect the same:

  • Fully weatherproof covering to upstand parapets with a fixing method that does not penetrate the coping but does allow ventilation over the top of the wall. Manufactured in the UK
  • Simple installation : Clip-on to fixing straps with EDPM rubber seals that have been screwed through marine board into the top of the parapet wall.


  • Made from lightweight, durable aluminium and coated in BBA approved powder coating colour. Aluminium is made from recycled material and when the coping reaches the end of its life the aluminium is also easily recycled again.
  • Highly corrosion resistant. Expected lifespan of around 30 years with minimal maintenance
  • Available in 26 RAL colours in 10-15 working days (production drawings need to be signed off by the customer prior to manufacture).

that the standard coping offered but, in addition, with the ‘sloping’ coping range you also get:

  1. Coping designed to produce a slope in towards the flat roof, where roof outlets can carry away rainwater, preventing it from potentially damaging the building’s façade and leaving unsightly streaks.


  1. Now with sizes in 30mm instead of 60mm increments, reducing coping overhang on each side of the upstand parapet wall being covered.
Code To Fit Wall Thickness Coping Width Fixing Straps Inc per length Aluminium thickness
SC12 91-120mm 182mm 2 2mm
SC15 121-150mm 212mm 2 2mm
SC18 151-180mm 242mm 2 2mm
SC21 181-210mm 272mm 2 2mm
SC24 201-240mm 302mm 2 2mm
SC27 241-270mm 332mm 2 2mm
SC30 271-300mm 362mm 2 2mm
SC33 301-330mm 392mm 2 2mm
SC36 331-360mm 422mm 2 2mm
SC39 361-390mm 452mm 2 2mm
SC42 391-420mm 482mm 2 2mm
SC45 421-450mm 512mm 3 3mm
SC48 451-480mm 542mm 3 3mm
SC51 481-510mm 572mm 3 3mm


Table 1. The (14 of 21) sizes of Sloping Coping available and the wall sizes they cover

“The range can be made to order in the standard 26 RAL colours in 21 wall size ranges, but we’ve stuck to listing just the first 14 sizes  – for wall widths from 91mm to 510mm – on the website, to keep things simple. If you ever need something larger, a different corner angle, or a junction from one size of wall to another size, just get in touch by email or phone and we can arrange that for you.”

Jamie Taylor – Rainclear Systems’ Sales Executive.

When you are ready – browse and buy Aluminium Sloping Coping from Rainclear Systems at www.rainclear.co.uk.

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