In All Weathers

In All Weathers

David Clark, Managing Director of the Hultafors Group UK, which owns Snickers Workwear, advises how you can dress for the weather.

“One thing is for sure when you’re working on site – you can’t ignore the weather,” declares David. “Weather conditions change daily, even from one hour to the next. So this puts extreme demands on your working clothes. You need to be able to adapt to those constantly changing conditions – and you’ll be able to do just that with a range of working clothes that has its own Active Climate System”.

Clothes that work all year round for you.
“All our garments are designed to work together. This means our first, second and third layer garments are optimised to perform perfectly with each other. This allows you to easily adjust to the weather conditions and climate, while at the same time retaining the optimum combination of clothes for on-the-job comfort, functionality and protection”.

“Ultimately it’s quite simple – with an Active Climate System in your working clothes you’ll be prepared whatever awaits you outdoors. Allowing you to turn what can be demanding weather conditions into extreme working comfort – all year round”.

Cold, Wet, Hot or Windy?
“Working outdoors is great. But whether it’s warm or freezing cold, or if wind and heavy rain are driving you to a standstill, your challenge is to stay comfortable and properly protected while at the same time having easy access to your tools”.

“Snickers’ wide range of technically advanced garments for different weather conditions is designed to turn a ‘weather issue’ into a ‘non-issue’ – allowing you to fully concentrate on your job and always perform to your best”.

Snickers say that dressing right is easy if you’re well-prepared. Just make sure you have the right garments to choose from when the weather or the temperature changes. And make sure the garments you use together form a complete layered system.

Then follow these basic dressing rules during your working day :-

  • Always adjust your clothing to the environment you’re working in
  • Adjust your clothes to your level of activity
  • Dress in layers that work together
  • Ensure you’ve got good moisture transportation and ventilation
  • Increase insulation temporarily when you rest

Dressing in 3-Layers

First Layer for moisture transport – forget cotton because it absorbs and retains water. Snickers’ underwear, which is available in a variety of fabrics – including a revolutionary new fabric with 37.5® technology – keeps your body warm and dry
Second Layer for insulation – these garments are designed to insulate by creating a pocket of air around your body to keep you warm. Snickers have an advanced range of micro fleece, fleece, pile, quilt and 37.5 fabric.
Third Layer for weather protection – here you need reliable wind and water protection. Your garment should be waterproof, breathable, strong and durable. Like Snickers’ new advanced 37.5 and A.P.S. garments.

Staying Dry In The Rain
Staying dry and comfortable in the rain is all about choosing the right type of rainwear for the job in hand. That choice depends on how intensely you’re working and how long you work in the rain without taking a break.

When you’re hard at work, the breathability of a garment fabric’s is crucial for ventilating your body heat. The longer you’re working in the rain, the tougher the demands on the waterproof technology used in your clothing.

Says David: “The advanced body-mapped lining in some of the newest Snickers garments combines warmth with ventilation for unbeatable working comfort. Features such as mesh lining at the back and in the armpits can deliver optimum ventilation while a cosy quilt lining in the front gives essential warmth around vital organs such as the heart and lungs”.

“In really wet weather, Snickers’ wet weather jackets deliver really effective dry working comfort through features such as 2-layer Gore-Tex fabric combinations and sealed seams. It’s 100 per cent waterproof, windproof and offers outstanding breathability for hours on end”.

Cheating The Wind
When the wind really starts blowing, be careful – because even if it’s a dry, clear day the wind can make the temperature plummet quickly. However, if you choose the right type of windproof workwear you’ll stay warm and comfortable.

As David says: “Just as with rainwear, the choice depends on how intensely you’re working and how long you stay outdoors. When you’re hard at work, the fabric’s breathability is crucial for ventilating your body heat. The longer you work, the tougher the demands on the windproof technology used in the garment”.

David recommends, “When you’re choosing the right sort of garments for windy conditions, think about these options :-

A Protective Fleece – for reliable windproof protection during less active jobs, the Snickers Workwear Protective Fleece is ideal.
A Soft Shell Jacket – for windproof protection during shorter working shifts, a Snickers Workwear Soft Shell jacket is the perfect choice.
A Windstopper Jacket – for 100 per cent windproof protection during long and hard working shifts, take a look at Snickers’ highly breathable WINDSTOPPER ® Fleece or Soft Shell garments.

So wherever you’re working and whatever the weather conditions choosing the right types of working clothes is really important for ensuring the optimum level of working comfort and your own personal wellbeing and safety on site. It’s definitely worth the investment.

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