Step-by-Step: Installing Internal Apartment Doors

Step-by-Step: Installing Internal Apartment Doors

Premdor provides a step by step guide to the installation of its internal apartment entrance doors.

Getting the balance between security, price and ease of application is of utmost priority when considering the installation of internal apartment entrance doors for any build. With Secured by Design approval, Premdor’s SoundSecure doorsets fully comply with the demanding Building Regulations outlined for apartment entrance locations, as well as all performance and legislative requirements, and with the new FastTrack range you can expect delivery within 15 working days.

There’s a choice of four designs; Premium Ladder Moulded, Vertical 5 Panel Moulded, Paint Grade Plus and Portfolio’s Oak Vertical – and all are FD30S fire rated.

Here is a quick five-step guide to installation:

  1. Step 1

    Ensure all openings are square and true, adhering to the measurements corresponding with your size of doorset outlined in Premdor’s installation guide and lift the doorset into the opening.

  2. Step 2

    Hold the frame in place using wedges (please note not all materials for wedges are fit for purpose), ensuring the frame is square. A large (5ft/1.5m recommended) spirit level should be used to ensure that all jambs are square and plumb.

  3. Step 3

    After ensuring the hinge jamb is square and plumb by re-adjusting the wedges if necessary, fix the hinge jamb in four positions (as shown in the diagram). Don’t forget to mind the gap between the frame and door; usually this is no more than 3mm.

  4. Step 4

    Close the door and position the closing jamb so that it makes full and uniform contact with the frame seal. Then fix (as step 3).

  5. Step 5

    Cut off the wedges to align with the edge of the frame. Finally, fill the gaps between the frame and wall with a suitable fire resistant infill and sealant capping.


Please note, the SoundSecure doorsets come with a fully comprehensive installation guide.

To help with the exact requirements and fitting of the door – you can also watch our ‘easy to follow’ installation video below:

If the FastTrack range doesn’t suit your interior’s needs, a wider selection of our door designs, cores, sizes and ironmongery can be found in our standard flush, moulded panel or exclusive Portfolio veneer ranges. You could even match the design throughout your home by upgrading your internal doors to correspond with your Secured by Design doorset!

We recommend to install our SoundSecure doorsets in conjunction with the installation guide:



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