What will do you, with your Carpenters Mate screw?

What will do you, with your Carpenters Mate screw?

Did you know that when it comes to fixing timbers, there is another way to achieve a perfectly strong, reliable connection other than using the traditional M10 coach bolt?

Carpenters Mate Pro Hex Head screws have been engineered specifically to secure timbers together significantly faster than using the traditional coach bolt. Although both do the job, using a hex head screw will allow you to fix timbers more efficiently, ultimately making timber projects more profitable.

Problems often arise when using the traditional coach bolt method. For example, once you’ve predrilled a hole and inserted the bolt, you may not have enough access to the other side of the joint to secure it with a nut and washer. With the Carpenters Mate Pro Hex Head screw, there is no pre-drilling required and no need to secure the screw with a nut and washer – simply drill the Pro Hex Head screw into place and the job is done.

On average it takes 2mins 30s to secure a timber fixture using a traditional coach bolt, this is a vast contrast to the Carpenters Mate Pro Hex Head which can secure the same timber joint in around 30s.

That means for every 250 screws, on average you can save 500 minutes by simply changing the screw you use. With all that time saved you might be tempted to take an 8-hour bubble bath (if that’s what you’re into) or test your pace by running the 100m sprint 3,374.5 times with Usain Bolt. However, our aim is to help you complete your timber projects more quickly, so you can move swiftly on to the next phase of the project. The Carpenters Mate Pro Hex Head has been designed and manufactured to improve efficiency, profitability and safety of any timber structure project.

The traditional coach bolt may be your go-to screw when it comes to fixing timbers together, however, the Carpenters Mate Pro Hex Head screw outperforms the coach bolt in application time, quality of material, reliability and ease of use. The pro hex head is perfect for various applications including loft conversions, laying a sub-base for decking or any timber-to-timber structural project.

Carpenters Mate screws have been designed for carpenters, by carpenters. They ensure timber projects can be completed quicker, cleaner and with a greater level of efficiency. Find a distributor near you today.

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