Roof windows and skylights from Dakea

Roof windows and skylights from Dakea

Dakea has expanded its range of roof windows and skylights with the addition of both fixed and openable windows for flat roofs.

The windows are said to be easy-to-install and feature a durable aluminium exterior, toughened external pane and laminated interior panes for longevity, safety and security.

Suitable for residential, commercial and public buildings, the windows are available in a range of sizes from 600×600 mm to 1200×1200 mm and can be installed on roofs with a pitch between 5° and 15°. The interior of the window frame is white PVC in RAL 9016 while the exterior is finished in RAL 7043 grey aluminium.

The widows achieve high levels of energy efficiency due to the insulated, argon-filled double glazing unit and transparent metallic coating applied to the glass during the manufacture which reflects the heat back into the room.

The scratch-free, 4mm toughened pane in the top unit of the window provides durability and protection against damage. It achieves Class 3 impact resistance and as such is able to withstand extreme weather and heavy impact from flying debris as well as accidental damage by those accessing the roof. The interior glass of the window is laminated so that in the event of an impact that is strong enough to break the glass, the shards will stay in place rather than fall into the room.

The Dakea Openable Flat Roof Window offers the option for natural ventilation. It is electrically operated with a maximum sash opening of 200 mm, providing a 142 mm high free ventilation area. It features a hidden motor mechanism and is controlled by a simple to use wall switch unit. For added convenience the window includes a pre-installed sensor to allow automatic closing if it begins to rain.

The range is supplied with a ten-year guarantee.

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