Tuff Form8 from AKW

Tuff Form8 from AKW

AKW has launched Tuff Form8, a wet room former combining the benefits of AKW’s existing Tuff Form former with a new octagonal fitting plate.

The Tuff Form8 allows for up to 15 different waste positions meaning greater installation flexibility; and is also has increased weight capacity. With pre-formed fixing points and an innovative octagonal waste plate, all obstructing joists can be quickly navigated.

In addition, made from high strength Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC), Tuff Form8 has a weight capacity of 381kg (60 stone), making it ideal for heavier wheelchair users and their carers. Available in nine sizes, the Tuff Form8 former can be tiled or covered with safety flooring and used to create complete level access solutions on both timber and concrete floors.

Stuart Reynolds, head of product and marketing at AKW, said: “The Tuff Form8 former is a great addition to our range, as it offers installers and specifiers even more choice. As well as being ideal for use where increased load is an issue, the former’s innovative octagonal fitting plate helps navigate those trickier installation challenges. With a lifetime guarantee, this former is ideal for installers and specifiers looking to create the perfect foundation for a modern wet room.”

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