Roger Bisby Takes a Look at Hippo Xtreme Tape

Roger Bisby Takes a Look at Hippo Xtreme Tape

Roger Bisby find multiple uses for Hippo Xtreme Tape

There is no doubt that adhesive tape, often called Gaffer, duct tape or sometimes even Duck tape, has come of age.

No longer are they simply a quick fix bodge job to get you home from the moon. Builders and allied trades now use them with complete confidence for installations as well as repairs and sealing jobs.

The quality of the adhesive backing and the strength of the fabric are critical factors and Hippo Xtreme tape from Tembe has both a good waterproof adhesive and a very strong weave fabric.

The surprising thing is that it can still be torn across the weave by hand due to the serrated edges so application can be carried out by one hand. This is very useful when you are hanging onto the roof ladder in a high Hippo 005wind. Yes we know you shouldn’t be up there.

We are now all very used to tape that can be applied to metal and glass, often it is the problem of getting it off that we worry about rather than it sticking, but Hippo Xtreme tape can also be used on wood, stone, plaster, brick and other difficult surfaces and it sticks very well to itself so you can overwrap it.

The surfaces need to be free of dust and grease and dry which can be a problem if you are doing an emergency repair but if you can dry it off with a cloth I found it works well on most roofing surfaces and on slate the adhesion is very good indeed. Xtreme tape is also good in cold weather because it doesn’t go brittle.

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