Catnic: To Bead Or Not to Bead?

Catnic: To Bead Or Not to Bead?

Professional Builder takes a look at how a range of high quality, stainless steel plasterbead and mesh from building components manufacturer Catnic has helped Andrew Pearce to achieve a precise finish and lasting results on a particularly challenging project.

Andrew Pearce Plastering & Building is a family run business in the heart of Pembrokeshire and provides services for both domestic and commercial premises.

With an established reputation for a high quality finish and excellent customer service – Andrew was appointed by resident Sarah Cole, when she bought her new home in Llangwm to replace the existing rendering across the entire six-bedroomed house.

“This was a pretty sizeable property with a variety of external angles,” explained Andrew. “Faced with a job like this – I will Andrew_Peace_4always look to select a stainless steel angle bead that is both rigid and high quality. This makes it much easier to render angles and achieve a precise finish. I can’t stress enough how important this is.”

In addition, the location of Sarah Cole’s property meant that the final rendering would be permanently vulnerable to the harsh conditions brought in from the coastline. This meant the use of stainless steel angle beads was particularly crucial to ensure that the new render was suitably protected against potential corrosion caused by the elements.

Builders and plasterers need to consider the location and atmospheric conditions when selecting the correct material finish, as it is critical to ensure the plasterbead is fit for purpose and able to withstand conditions.

According to BS EN 13914-1:2005, design and preparation of external rendering and internal plaster advises the use of stainless steel and PVCu in conditions of high humidity and/or salt laden atmospheres.

The use of an incorrect material type carries a risk of corrosion and brings the likelihood of staining through the plaster or render, resulting in the need for expensive remedial repair and replacement work to correct the problem.

“I always use Catnic stainless steel beading because it’s high Plasterbead 3quality and won’t rust so I can ensure long-term professional results,” continued Andrew. “I also used a range of Renderstop beads, with a 45mm mesh wing to obtain a neat, bell cast lower edge to the external finishes. Any professional plasterer worth their salt would ensure that for an external render job, these are incorporated to protect masonry against run-off water.

The work at the property was completed in August and my customer is delighted with the results. You’re only as good as you’re last job and I count on Catnic’s plasterbead and mesh products to help me achieve precise, clean lines and a lasting finish. My business is built on my reputation and I have to be confident in the performance of the products I use.”

Always look to a trusted manufacturer that can offer a wide range of plasterbead and mesh products including PVCu, stainless and galvanized steel ranges to meet the requirements of any indoor and outdoor project.

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