Review: Workforce Socks

Review: Workforce Socks

Roger Bisby tests out Workforce Socks.

Regular readers of Professional Builder will know that we review boots and shoes all the time, but what about the socks? How much thought do you give to your socks? My guess is, if you are anything like me, not much.

Well, it’s time to have a look for socks that are more suited to your job. Workforce Socks from Sock Shop are not so much made as engineered. Here is just a small selection of what they have.

  • Safety trainer sock
    The elasticated arch gives you support and the full cushion foot helps reduce impact on the sole and heel, as well as protecting the Achilles. The high cotton content helps keep the feet fresher. They come, like all good things, in packs of three.
  • Hard-wearing work sock
    For even greater durability you could try the hard wearing general purpose sock with a lower cotton content and a higher polymer. They have a full cushion foot which feels a bit like walking on air. It’s great when you are singing along to the Snowman cartoon on Christmas morning. These socks are mid calf and they feel very luxurious, even when you have your feet up.
  • Thermal socks
    There will be snow, there will be ice and there will be some builders stamping their feet to keep warm. Thermal socks are a no brainer in such conditions. The secret is a cushioning on the sole to trap air in and give you a thermal break between your foot and the frozen ground. The thermal yarn is made from special fibres, which create a soft luxurious insulation layer around the whole foot.
  • Heat holders
    These socks are made from a Japanese designed yarn, which is knitted into a UK-patented long loop pile. It is then brushed on the inside to create something akin to a shag pile carpet. The scientific tests give it a TOG rating of 2.34, which is seven times more than a basic cotton sock. A good winter quilt has a TOG of 10 so you get some idea of how good these socks are in keeping the heat in your foot. The Sock Shop also sells gloves in the same material.
  • Long boot socks
    If you wear wellies then you really need to think about increasing the thermal protection with some long socks. There are long boot socks and also knee length socks so the choice is yours.




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