Review: Snickers painters’ workwear

Review: Snickers painters’ workwear

Roger Bisby has a look at the Snickers Workwear kit for painters.

If you want to be taken seriously as a painter and decorator you don’t wear trackie bottoms, you wear whites. It isn’t just about the fact that, as most paint is white, it is a sensible colour, it is also an instantly recognisable badge of office, because nobody is in any doubt what your trade is. Interestingly, at one time it was also the workwear favoured by plasterers but I can’t remember the last time I saw a plasterer in whites. In fact, talking to plasterers, many say they would be embaressed to wear whites to work these days, which just goes to show how much of what we wear is dictated by the herd instinct.

For painters and decorators the traditional whites are still the most popular choice, but have not really changed much in the last 50 or so years and, as such, have not kept pace with technology. For example, if you are painting skirting boards you would clearly benefit from kneepads, but how many painters overalls have kneepad pockets? Similarly, when papering you might like a pocket for a rule and a pair of scissors, and maybe a craft knife. Many painters’ whites lack these pockets and most don’t even have a pocket for your phone.

Whilst most outdoor painting is done in the summer months there can also be days where a cool breeze is blowing, and it is common to carry on doing prep work in a light shower. The Snickers lightweight 1275 softshell painters’ jacket not only gives you protection against showers it also blocks out the wind. The pre-bent arms give you a lot more freedom of movement than an ordinary jacket.

The 3375 cotton painters trousers have generous thigh pockets and a patented knife holder. They are also probably the cheapest work trousers in the Snickers range. If the thought of trousers, even cotton, is too much for you in the summer months, and I for one would agree with that, you can also buy painters’ shorts. You lose the kneepads, of course, so you either go for the pirate pants or maybe just carry a bit of foam rubber when you are doing the low down bits.

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