Product Review: Sievi Work Boots

Product Review: Sievi Work Boots

Roger Bisby gains some Happy Feet with Sievi.

If you are still buying the cheapest work boots on the market you will not have experienced just how many technological advances have been made in work shoes and boots lately, but as you go up in price a little the step up in quality is disproportionately high. Now you might be thinking that a pair of work boots is not worth the investment but, as the ancient Chinese discovered the feet are where many ailments begin. That includes fatigue, back pain, cold, swelling of the lower leg and even, dare I say, a bit of the old foot rot.

I would say that, at the moment, the Scandinavians lead the way in innovative work footwear and these Sievi Roller High +S3 work boots are truly state of the art. They are made in Finland and are packed with features. Composite toe cap, penetration resistant, but very flexible mid-sole, water repellent, oil resistant, anti-static, dual shock absorbers, and Boa Constrictor lacing. The Boa lacing system uses wires and a ratchet knob that tightens with a turn. It is great if you are in and out of houses as I am and it also works well in the wet and snow.

All these features would count for nothing if the boots weren’t comfortable, but they are amazingly comfortable and supportive in all the right places. They are also very light, as light as many work trainers and very breathable thanks to the 3D dry system which lets the foot moisture escape through three layers of different materials. In effect it is like having breather membrane on your feet.

Even if you never buy another pair of quality work boots in your life I urge you to give these a try. My guess is that once you have stepped up a grade you will never look back and they really do make such a difference to your working day.

If you prefer a shoe rather than a boot then have a look at the Sievi range because there are lots and lots to choose from including Air Trainers and longer storm trooper-style boots. The ones that really took my fancy were the clogs. Don’t laugh, the clog is underrated. It is easy to slip on and off and gives you great insulation from the ground as well as ventilation. I worked in northern Norway in my youth and everyone on the fish docks and the sites wore clogs. Even in the extreme cold a pair of clogs and woollen socks keep your feet warm because they allow the blood to circulate. I haven’t worn any for years but I would be interested to turn up on-site in a pair of steel toe capped clogs and see what the safety officer makes of them. My guess is they would find something to object to.

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