Makita’s new range of Nemesis II SDS-PLUS drill bits

Makita’s new range of Nemesis II SDS-PLUS drill bits

In the latest instalment of our Tech Talk series, Lyndsey Bailey, Assistant Product Manager at Makita, details the company’s new range of Nemesis II SDS-PLUS drill bits. Lyndsey explains how the robust new products make drilling into reinforced concrete easier, reducing the time and cost issues associated with replacing drill bits.

Reinforced concrete is designed to resist a variety of applied forces, so to tackle this material can be a serious and arduous task. Drill bits need to drive through both concrete and rebar, placing unstable contact on the bit, increasing stress and load, resulting in frequently broken drill bits.

Fortunately, our fantastic new range of Nemesis II SDS-PLUS drill bits makes this concern a thing of the past. Ideal for use on even the hardest of materials, the innovative system means that drilling into reinforced concrete is no longer a hit and miss application.

The bits feature a unique symmetrical head geometry, that ensures holes can be drilled with precision, making this solution ideal for professional applications in concrete, stone, masonry, fixings, anchors, and engineering brick. Thanks to the extremely strong design, the drill bits won’t perish when in contact with metal bars, reducing the need for users to constantly change bits. As a result, when compared to normal rotary hammer drill bits, the Nemesis II SDS-PLUS products enable fast hole starting and can drill up to 50% more holes, helping tradespeople to create new cost-efficiencies within their operations. Additionally, as long as the wear mark is still visible, the drill bit is suitable for making anchor holes. What’s more, all drill bits from the range are GM Sichersafe certified, with centering tips and symmetrical 4-cutter heads.

The Nemesis II SDS-PLUS drill bits range in size from 5mm x 110mm, up to 32mm x 450mm and are suitable for use across a wealth of our industry-leading tools, meaning you will be able to use them with your existing kit.

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