DI-WHY? 14th October 2020

DI-WHY? 14th October 2020

As expected, after a surge of DIY during the lockdown period, there have been a lot of DIY disasters that professionals have been called in to fix.

Our readers have been sending in some of the most shocking and laughable DIY attempts via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Follow us on our social media channels to keep up to date with all of the latest ‘DI-WHY?’ entries!

This ‘DI-WHY?’ entry was sent to us on Twitter by @BourtonHandyman, he tweeted: “Question of the day: WHY would you fill a small rawl plug with all this filler on textured wallpaper!!!”.

@maddenbuilders on Instagram also made a couple of discoveries recently…

“Nice bit of insulation tape to seal around a roof light 😫”

“Another one for you, when the client says he was pleased with his making good 😳  you can hardly notice it 😂”

Have you been called in to fix any DIY disasters lately? Send your pictures to probuildonline@gmail.com for the chance to be featured on our website or in our magazine.

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