Makita’s New Range Of Accessories

Makita’s New Range Of Accessories
  • 17 times stronger bit magnet; and a unique socket for driving stud bar
  • Affordable and compact Shock Driver

Makita’s extensive range of accessories includes high quality products to enhance the performance of Makita power tools. Following the philosophy that having invested in a high performance power tool the same criteria should always be applied to the selection of bits, blades, abrasives and accessories that enhance productivity.

Innovation is a key ingredient of the accessory range and recent additions include a tiny magnetic booster that is 17 times stronger magnetically than the normal bit. The Makita ‘Mag Boost’ simply slides over a  ¼ inch hex drive screwdriver bit, that is at least 50mm long, to increase the magnetism of the bit making it easier to pick up the screws and hold them onto the bit at any angle whilst moving the screw into place. Especially if your other hand is holding the material to be fixed this magnetic booster is valuable in retaining the screw onto the screwdriver bit. Simple but clever, it can even be added to a non-magnetic hand screwdriver for instant magnetic support. ‘Mag Boost’ is also available in sets complete with ranges of Impact Gold bits developed for use with impact drivers.

Installers and assemblers using threaded rod will spend considerable amounts of time running nuts or fixings down the material. For the first time on the British market Makita now offers a socket that will spin the threaded rod three times faster than manual operation to tighten or loosen quickly. An innovative design combines three hardened steel self-locking cams within a socket driven by an impact driver. The cams grip the threaded rod as the socket is rotated by the impact driver. This reduces the operation time significantly and cuts fatigue. Installers of suspended ceilings, cable ducting trays and piping system mounts will be grateful for this innovative product which is available in 3-sizes to suit 6, 8 and 10mm threaded rod.

Mak1473 New accessories

A shock driver is used to apply hammer power to unscrew a seized or damaged screw.  The shock driver’s bit is placed in the screw cross cut and a hammer blow on top of the shock driver rotates the screw just a few degrees to start its removal. Traditionally a heavy, bulky product, the new Makita shock driver is similar in size and weight to a normal screwdriver but has clever engineering inside where a hammer impact on the solid top is converted into turning torque by springs and cam action that will turn the screw 12°. The mechanism can be seen through the attractive clear handle. Available in four lengths from 125mm to 150mm the new Makita shock driver will be a handy inclusion in any tradesman’s toolbox.

Impact wrench power increases regularly and Makita’s latest range of ½ inch square drive sockets are made from high grade chrome molybdenum high-impact steel for maximum wall strength, maximum torque delivery and durability. Available from 8mm up to 32mm, all are coated in rust resisting black phosphate, with excellent value for money on the 9-piece boxed set carrying the most popular sizes.

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