Stanley FatMax Autolock Tapes

Stanley FatMax Autolock Tapes

A professional tradesman would go to any lengths to get their hands on a decent tape measure, with the latest addition to Stanley’s range sure to get the expert seal of approval.

The new FatMax Autolock tape combines versatility with professional quality to give a simple solution to an everyday task on site. With a patented reverse lock mechanism for greater control and increased blade life, coupled with a 3.33m blade standout for increased reach, measuring is made easy.

The new tape also includes two additional hooks, one magnetic and one XL, for improved efficiency and both can be stored into the tape itself. The XL hook enables the user to hook the tape side-on to the structure, meaning no need to twist the tape and thus reduces inaccurate measurements.

The new tapes are available in 5m or 8m lengths, both metric and metric imperial and come with a Mylar coated blade. With blade armour on the first 80mm making them 10 times more resistant to abrasion than traditional lacquered blades. No matter what jobs you throw at it, a FatMax Autolock tape is a real tool belt must-have.

David Osborne, Marketing Director at Stanley Tools, comments: “We know each of our tools need to deliver performance, innovation and ultimate dependability for tradesmen and our latest offering gives all that.

“Having a reliable tape measure is a staple for any professional on site and the new FatMax Autolock measure provides an easy way to get accurate results time again.”

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