In a Tight Corner: Makita Angle Drill

In a Tight Corner: Makita Angle Drill

Roger Bisby has all the angles covered with Makita

We have all seen examples of holes drilled through joists on an angle simply because the builder, plumber or electrician hadn’t got the tool for the job. Drilling at an angle can weaken a joist beyond repair, so it is to be avoided at all costs.

Over many years I have used this Makita angle drill on many occasions for drilling bolt holes in joists to plumbing and electrical work and, in these days of plastic pipes, I couldn’t be without it. I am very pleased to see it remains in their catalogue and is a steady seller. Of course you have always been able to buy angle chuck adaptors for your drill but if you are a plumber, electrician or loft convertor you will have plenty of uses for a dedicated angle drill and if you are going to buy one it might as well be one with some guts. The little cordless ones are all very well but they will often grind to a halt if you try to drive anything larger than a 10mm three prong auger bit through a bit of 2in. timber. Makita has a 600 and 700 watt mains powered model.

It seems that all large capacity angle drills use the old style 13mm keyed chucks if for no other reason than they are more compact. The key also allows you to get a really tight grip on the drill bit if you have to insert it in situ.

The drill is a variable speed with a 2 speed gear box and a reverse lever above the trigger.
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