Speaker of the house: Milwaukee Bluetooth Speaker

Speaker of the house: Milwaukee Bluetooth Speaker

Roger Bisby has his ear bent towards the new Milwaukee 2592-20 M12 Bluetooth speaker

There are plenty of radios with Bluetooth capability but this handy little Bluetooth speaker from Milwaukee does away with the radio bit and allows you to stream music straight from your phone. The obvious advantage is the size and weight saving, but for me the real bonus is being able to play the music I want to hear, rather than listening to the stuff churned out by radio stations. It isn’t even the music that bugs me it is the DJs. If you think I am being harsh cast your mind back over previous generations of radio DJs. Enough said.

You get something like 25 hours off a 2AmHr 12 volt battery but I have a 4AmHr so that should see me through the week. You are probably thinking that the phone will run out before then but this speaker has a USB port that allows you to charge your phone while it plays.

The wireless range of the phone and receiver is amazing but whether it is the phone or the speaker that is responsible I don’t know. The manufacturers are conservative in their ‘up to 30 feet’ and I can’t guarantee that you will do as well as us but we had perfect reception through 5 thicknesses of concrete walls over 25 metres. Even the presence of foil faced insulation in the outside wall didn’t seem to bother it. Everyone on site was very impressed, but if you do encounter a situation where the reception is poor you can connect the phone through the 3.5 Aux port.

So far I haven’t mentioned the sound quality and volume. If the sound were thin and tinny then the whole exercise would have been a waste of time but the 2in. speaker is high quality and gives a good tonal range, backed up with an internal bass port.

If you aren’t running the M12 Milwaukee platform you won’t be able to use this, because it comes as a naked unit without charger or battery, but all of the above may just be enough to turn you on to the system.

For further information visit www.milwaukeetool.com

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