ICS Diamond Chainsaws In The Rough

ICS Diamond Chainsaws In The Rough

ICS have announced the arrival of their new petrol diamond chainsaws 680ES & 695XL, for concrete, masonry and stone cutting.

The ICS brand is known for its patented seal-pro technology in the chains it manufactures. Improvements on its existing range of chainsaws was of high importance to the company in order to meet to keep in line with the growing concerns about health and safety in the construction industry.

There are two new saws in the range, 680ES and 695XL. The highest horse power saw, the 695XL has a new decompression valve providing a more fuel efficient saw and ultimately reducing emissions. The 695XL also contains an easy-to-start engine with a higher energy ignition system.

ics-chainsawThe smaller, but by no means less durable, 680ES is easy to start with a new multifunction lever to control choke, run, and stop.

These ICS diamond chainsaws can be used in a variety of applications, including cutting window and door openings and cutting small squares such as vent holes. The key features that make ICS diamond chainsaws a powerful tool include:

  • Lubrication of the chain with water in order to wash away the dust from the material saving you from inhaling it into your lungs.
  • The long bar and chain length allow for cutting from one side, producing deep cuts with square corners.
  • No rotational kick back as encountered on standard wood cutting chainsaw, due to the diamond  segments grinding the material instead of the teeth chipping and gnawing away.



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