Hitachi’s Brushless, Cordless 18v Angle Grinder

Hitachi’s Brushless, Cordless 18v Angle Grinder

Hitachi launches 18V cordless Angle Grinder with highly efficient brushless motor.

Hitachi Power Tools has launched the G18DBAL 18V cordless angle grinder which features a brushless motor.

Brushless motors are 30% more efficient than conventional models as no energy is wasted through brush friction, thus extending battery run time. They also generate more power, providing higher torque levels and workload capacities.

The grinder features an Auto mode, which conserves energy by reducing RPM in standard operation; as load increases, the RPM will automatically increase for greater efficiency.

As there is none of the energy loss caused by friction during use that brushed motors inevitably experience, the angle grinder is a more powerful, efficient and longer lasting power tool

The G18DBAL 18V Angle Grinder has been designed by Hitachi with operator comfort and safety firmly in mind. The compact body and small grip circumference make it easy and secure to use.

Anti-kickback and overload protection features stops the grinder in the event of a “jam” or sudden drop in wheel rotation speed during operation or excessive pressure on the tool.  This feature reduces the risk of motor burnout and minimises potential injury.

In addition an anti-restart protection system prevents the grinder from starting if the trigger is depressed while a battery is being fitted, to improve operator safety. The soft start motor has reduced reaction force on startup for greater control.

Resin coated components and mesh filters provide extra protection against dust and moisture, extending the life of the tool.

The G18DBAL 18V angle grinder comes with an anti-vibration side handle, 2 x 5.0Ah Li-Ion batteries, charger, wrench and carrying case.

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