Rotrax UK makes the case for tracked mini-dumpers

Rotrax UK makes the case for tracked mini-dumpers

Geoff Atkinson, Managing Director Rotrax UK, explains why tracked mini-dumpers are a not to be overlooked common-sense investment for construction businesses.

Tracked mini-dumpers used to move large loads of materials have a variety of uses in many industries from construction, to landscaping. Being smaller and easier to operate than full size dump trucks, they add agility and versatility to any construction or landscaping job where full-size dumpers cannot access or are too costly and when the option of manual labour is neither efficient nor manageable due the quantities of materials that are moved.

Engine-powered, hydraulic-driven tracked mini dumpers are destined to make any construction professional’s life easier, avoiding hours of backbreaking work moving and unloading heavy materials across any site. Whether it’s concrete or debris removal, carrying bricks, sand or soil in tight access jobs, moving around obstacles, through doors or gateways and on various terrains – tracked mini dumpers are a cost-effective and efficient solution.

Common misconception
But what about cost efficiency? In our business, we are often facing a rather common misconception that the tracked dumpers are perceived as a luxury item. Some may question the need for tracked dumpers when manual methods seem viable, but the reality differs significantly, especially in a market where labour is increasingly scarce and often reluctant to perform such backbreaking work. Tracked dumpers offer unparalleled flexibility, time-saving benefits, and efficient material transportation, all of which contribute to substantial cost savings and improved efficiency on job sites. Many of our clients find it surprising to see how quickly tracked barrows pay for themselves.

At the same time, many companies selling mini-dumpers have been raising their prices, which leads to a situation where something that is seen as a luxury now can also come with a luxurious price-tag. Building trust and confidence in this technology requires awareness campaigns, where customers clearly understand the benefits if the solutions come from proven manufacturers also offering robust customer support.

As with any other equipment, acquiring and maintaining mini-dumpers can be an important investment for construction or landscaping companies, especially smaller firms with limited budgets, where managing the initial purchase cost, ongoing maintenance expenses, and operational costs can be challenging. This is why it’s important to bet on a brand and technology with proven track record and robust solutions.

As a cost-effective, and easily maintained dumper, Rotrax mini-dumpers represent a smaller capital investment than large scale machinery, which often requires special operator permits and the service and maintenance costs for the small and reliable Honda and Yanmar engines make them very efficient to own and maintain.

A case example – Centurion Plant Hire
Centurion Services is a company proving a range of professional construction and building services and products. With a multi-skilled and diversified team of professionals, the company offers complete solutions from plant hire equipment, construction and building works to property and vehicle  management and expert consultancy on designing homes with products from leading European suppliers.

One of the key challenges faced by Centurion Plant Hire division, was cost and debt management resulting from the complexity of purchasing, maintaining and operating a diverse range of equipment. Balancing pricing structures, rental rates, and operating costs while ensuring profitability and competitiveness is an everyday life for many companies.

Spencer Kennedy, plant hire manager at Centurion Plant Hire comments: “addressing these challenges requires effective planning, fleet management systems, maintenance strategies, customer relationship management, and a proactive approach to adapt to current and changing market conditions. With mini-dumpers playing a significant role in supporting our landscaping contractors, we needed to find the best and cost-effective choice for our fleet.”

Centurion Plant Hire started collaborating with Rotrax, the sole, official UK distributor of ROTAIR Spa mini/dumpers, a leading company in the design, manufacture and distribution of high technology portable air compressors, multi-functional dumpers and hydraulic breakers. ROTAIR is the original manufacturer of Rampicars, a professional mini-dumper range equipped with fully hydrostatic transmissions, offered by Rotrax in the UK under their own brand.

Spencer Kennedy continues: “In a competitive market, companies need to differentiate themselves by offering reliable and high-quality equipment. Choosing the right brand of tracked mini-dumpers was crucial for us to maintain a positive reputation and attract more business.

In purchasing Rotrax mini/dumpers we balanced the cost against hire rates, ease of use for customers, reliability, and the relationship with the dealer for parts and service. Taking all into account, Rotrax was the common sense decision.”

Centurion Plant Hire invested in several walk-behind Rotrax R60 and R70 models with reliable petrol and diesel engines, capable of carrying loads of up to 650kg. Expertly engineered with a low centre of gravity, the mini-dumpers provide enhanced stability in all working conditions, while the robust construction ensures enhanced torsional resistance (torque). The units are operated from a standing position at the rear of the machine, which allows for all-round visibility. The fully hydraulic transmission with double variable displacement pump and a fixed displacement engine provides stability and manoeuvrability across all terrains.

“The Rotrax solutions proved to be very popular with our customers for their ease of use and reliability. As our customers tend to engage in products and tools that they like and enjoy using, Rotrax helps us create a very loyal customer base for repeat business,” Spencer Kennedy explained the customer experience.

The market for tracked dumpers may face certain challenges, but it is continuously evolving with the introduction of innovative solutions and a strong focus on customer satisfaction. By understanding the products and leveraging advancements in technology, the construction, landscaping, agriculture and other businesses can find out that these solutions are tailored to their specific needs and can make their work easier and more efficient.

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