How to buy light construction equipment online

How to buy light construction equipment online

Dan Pearson, Marketing Manager at Chippindale Plant, looks at how to buy light construction equipment online, safely and with confidence.

Navigating online marketplaces can be overwhelming. You need to know that the website you are buying from has both the resources and customer service to help you before, during and after you have made a purchase.

It goes without saying that you should always purchase from reputable suppliers with a proven track record and look for companies that specialise in construction equipment and offer warranties on their products. Ensure the online listings provide comprehensive product descriptions, including specifications, recommendations, features and compatibility information to help you make informed decisions. Before purchasing, conduct thorough research on the products and brands and read reviews from other professionals to gauge reliability and performance.

Popular equipment
For smaller building firms, on site essentials often include mixers, breakers, vibratory plates, rammers, saws and power packs. For mixers, consider the capacity that suits your typical project scale. Decide between electric or petrol mixers; electric mixers are quieter and require less maintenance, while petrol mixers offer more power and can work from anywhere. Additionally, look for robust construction materials that can withstand harsh working conditions, such as steel drums and sturdy frames. Higher quality equipment normally results in a longer working life and better residual values.

Breakers are essential for demolition work and today are proving popular to buy, as well as to hire. The Atlas Copco Cobra PRO petrol breaker, for instance, is a highly portable package as you can ditch the constraints of cords and compressors. With its hard-hitting 2-stroke engage and impact force, it makes light work of asphalt, concrete and stone.

To maintain the performance of your tools, investing in quality accessories is also crucial and these can be easily purchased online. Regular maintenance with the right oils and lubricants will extend the life of your equipment. Use high-quality, manufacturer-recommended products to ensure compatibility and top performance.

Less hassle
Look for websites that help you save time with one-click processing to streamline purchasing, ensuring that once you’ve selected your items, the checkout process is quick and hassle-free. Websites should help you manage your orders and preferences through personalised account hubs. This functionality helps you keep track of past purchases, manage ongoing orders, and simplify repeat transactions.

Customer service is another critical aspect of the online shopping experience. Chippindale Plant, for example, prides itself on having knowledgeable staff ready to assist all their web customers. Good customer service can help resolve issues quickly and provide valuable advice tailored to your needs, to take the guesswork out of buying.

Our online advice
Our advice would be to look for websites that have useful and comprehensive advice on what to buy. If you’re looking for next day delivery on construction light equipment and tools, we’d recommend Chippindale Hire & Sales who pride themselves on their award-winning service, offer next day delivery for all construction equipment and clearly highlight the benefits on their web pages, along with

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‘Expert Notes’ sections which provide straightforward recommendations from long-time industry professionals so you don’t need to decode complex technical descriptions.

All products on their e-commerce store have been hand-selected by industry experts. From Stihl’s market-leading gardening tools to robust construction equipment like mixers, breakers, power packs, rammers, plant machinery and much more, all from market-leading brands including Atlas Copco, Mecalac, Belle, BOMAG and more, so you can trust that you’re getting the very best.

Next Day Delivery
Finally, for small building teams on the go, finding a website offering next-day delivery is really important for popular construction light equipment. This service ensures you get the tools you need quickly, without waiting for long lead times – minimising any project delays.

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