Taking a look at Takeuchi’s compact excavators on site

Taking a look at Takeuchi’s compact excavators on site

One compact excavator brand has been the constant companion of a Staffs business owner since he started trading. Professional Builder’s Lee Jones visits a builder who is trusting in Takeuchi.

The eponymous Tom Wilson of TCW Landscaping has been running his own company for eight years and can point to a further two decades of experience in all things driveways, patios, gardens and groundworks. That’s more than enough time to develop a keen eye for what makes a mini excavator and Takeuchi has always been his digger of choice.

“I don’t advertise, all my work is won on the basis of recommendation, and I never need to travel that far,” reveals the Staffordshire-based tradesman. “I get real personal satisfaction from doing a quality job for a homeowner who will be genuinely delighted with the
end result and I’ve no interest in trying to compete on price when I quote. That only works as a business model if you’re doing things
properly, and using the right equipment is a part of that. I wouldn’t ever go away from Takeuchi because, for me, they are by far the best diggers.”

The latest addition to his firm’s family of equipment is a Takeuchi TB325R. The machine is relatively new to the Japanese manufacturer’s line-up with the ‘R’ in the model’s name designating that it is reduced tailswing, a feature Tom ably demonstrated by digging and slewing hard up against the wall of the major house renovation he was working on in rural Staffordshire. With the body of the excavator remaining within the width of the tracks there’s far less opportunity for rear swing impact.

It’s a property that is, in fact, destined to be his own home and is also where a growing collection of vehicles and plant are based. “With the kind of work we’re doing in domestic properties the reduced tailswing is essential for us but there’s still plenty of breakout force. I already own a Takeuchi TB210R micro, again with reduced tailswing, but having the bigger machine as well enables quicker excavation and muck away on larger projects. At the same time the TB325R is still something I can tow from site to site.”

Indeed, with an operating weight of 2,440kg it can comfortably be towed by a pick-up truck or van. Tom makes use of his similarly robust Nissan Navarra or Ford Transit Tipper for that very job, and most vehicles in those classes can now boast a towing capacity of up to 3,500kg, which will allow for a couple of attachments or an extra bucket on board should you need them.

“What you really notice with the Takeuchi units is the amount of power at your disposal, even in the smaller machines. At the same time they’re very smooth in the controls, which means it’s easier to undertake finer grading working. I went for the LED work light package when I specified the machine from dealer, JA Bloor, and that’s a feature I was really surprised by. We’ve been working into late afternoon in the winter months and they really do illuminate a wide area very effectively.” Other optional extras on the
TB325R include multiple auxiliary hydraulic circuits and an optional Takeuchi Fleet Management (TFM) telematics system.

One further reason for Tom’s continued loyalty to the brand is the Takeuchi Security System (TSS). It features an enhanced level of protection where only programmed keys can be used to start the machine. The use of an un-programmed key will trigger an alarm.
“We often need to leave our machines on the job,” explains Tom, “and the TSS does provide a level of peace of mind that they will be harder to remove from site.”

Standard features on the TB325R include an automatic engine deceleration which helps conserve fuel. Its robust steel construction is complemented by a heavy duty wraparound counterweight that contributes to the stability of the machine. The interior has seen improvements in size and visibility from previous models with the comfort of a suspension seat. At the driver’s seat the highly responsive Pilot Operated Joystick Controls allow for precise movements.

Tom’s TB210R micro is the nimblest of go anywhere solutions. With the track frames pulled into the fully retracted position, it’s only 750mm wide, which means it will fit through a standard residential doorway or gate. When you’re ready to work those tracks can then be extended to 1,020mm for enhanced stability. At the same time, with a three cylinder motor boasting 11.6hp (8.8kW) and a healthy 36Nm of torque, its power belies its compact dimensions.

“I’ve owned Takeuchi machines since I started my business and, with the TB210R now joined by the larger TB325R, I’ve got everything I need for the work I undertake,” concludes Tom. “I really couldn’t be without them now.”

For further information on the Takeuchi TB325R visit TB325R Compact Excavator – Takeuchi Mfg. UK Ltd. (takeuchi-mfg.co.uk).

If you would like more details on the TB210R go to TB210R Compact Excavator – Takeuchi Mfg. UK Ltd. (takeuchi-mfg.co.uk).

To get in touch with Takeuchi dealer, JA Bloor visit J.A. Bloor Agriservices – Kubota, new and used agri machinery (jablooragriservices.co.uk).

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