Unpacking Kubota’s range of compact tracked dumpers

Unpacking Kubota’s range of compact tracked dumpers

The Kubota range of compact tracked dumpers offers electric, diesel and petrol solutions

Many construction companies will know that, in the current labour market, trying to find reliable workers is far from a straightforward proposition. Sourcing staff that are willing to undertake some of the more back-breaking tasks that life on site can offer is even more difficult – especially if we’re all too aware that there’s an alternative.

One such mechanised substitute for what can be brutal muck carrying is the compact tracked dumper. The best of these can carry significant payloads, will fit through garden gates – and even doorways – and can traverse obstacles or soft ground. If you add a tipping function for disposing of material into dropside vehicles or skips, then you are in command of a solution that can help builders and landscapers trim many hours from a job, increase your productivity, and get to the next project in good time – not to mention keeping your workforce much happier.

Dump for joy

Take the high dump function on the Kubota KC70VHD-4 as an example. This versatile unit can empty its load up to 1.43m high. In addition, the dumping reach of 447mm allows it to easily empty the load from the machine’s skip far away enough from the side of the truck edge, avoiding any inadvertent damage.

There’s an ample maximum loading capacity of 550kg and a heaped skip volume of 0.29m3, all within the compact vital statistics of an overall width of 758mm at its minimum. That will comfortably fit through narrow spaces whilst – for greater stability – the variable track will extend outwards to 1,058mm. The steadiness of the machine is further enhanced by the telescopic mast, ensuring that the load is lifted vertically. Safety features include a tilt angle sensor that warns the user via a buzzer if it exceeds a preset level and, in terms of powertrain, both petrol and diesel variants are on offer. In keeping with much broader trends in sustainable construction, however, there is a solution that eschews the internal combustion engine altogether. 

Kubota K70H-4e electric

There was a time when an electric machine might have meant a compromise on performance, but that is most certainly no longer. Contractors simply can’t afford to adopt a piece of equipment that will only fulfil a fraction of the tasks of its internal combustion equivalent nor indeed do they need to. In fact, it is the case that the battery powered construction plant option often has significant benefits for the operator, his fellow workers and the neighbours, not least with the very civilised and welcome reduction in noise and zero emissions.

That makes the Kubota K70H-4e electric compact tracked dumper the perfect fit for low emission zones, indoor work – including basements or demolition – or other sensitive jobs around schools or hospitals. In common with its petrol and diesel siblings, sites that present a restricted space with which to work in are not a problem either, with a minimum width of 758mm. This nimble unit equally packs a punch with a maximum load capacity of 700kg.

A large 48V 120Ah lithium battery pack will hold enough charge to keep you going through a working day, whilst a fully charged machine is achievable in three hours, with 80% charge in 1.5 hours. That does, of course, come with the obvious proviso that the length of usage on a single charge will always depend on whether you’re engaged in light or heavy-duty work.

Kubota talks in terms of ABC – Always Be Charging and the fundamental principle of living happily with any electric unit is that you should be plugging in for a top up whenever the opportunity presents itself. Add to that an obligatory overnight charge and you should never be found wanting.

With that in mind, a UBC (Universal fast external Battery Charger) is sold as standard with the machine, charging at 3Kw from 80V to 240V power supplies. Leave the machine to its own devices for 15minutes and, in order to conserve the battery, it will automatically shut down, whilst the state of charge is clearly indicated on the operator console.

Safety features include a palm grip that effectively acts as a dead man’s handle. Should you inadvertently slip from the end of the machine it will stop, quite literally, in its tracks. On the subject of those tracks, they are completely electric powered, offering less energy consumption over hydraulic powered tracks in other electric mini dumpers currently on the market. There’s also a two year or 2,000 hour warranty available.

There is little doubt that the future of compact machinery will be battery powered and Kubota is continuing to add to its range. The KC70H-4e electric compact tracked dumper is the ideal size and application for lithium ion and there are any number of very good reasons for opting for electric – and they’re not all concerned with your sustainability credentials.

Maintenance is greatly reduced. The only real noise is when you’re tipping, and the impact of quieter equipment on site safetywhere work colleagues can more readily hear each othershould not be underestimated. Zero emissions has positive environmental implications for all concerned, whilst it is in indoor work that battery power really comes into its own. 

For further information on the Kubota KC70VHD-4 visit Carrier dumpers Kubota KC70VHD-4 / KC70VHD-4 P – Kubota Europe SAS. (kubota-eu.com)

If you would like more information on the KC70H-4e electric compact tracked dumper visit Smart Energy Solutions Kubota KC70H-4e – Kubota Europe SAS. (kubota-eu.com)

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