Grown in Britain supports home-grown timber

Grown in Britain supports home-grown timber

Do you know where the timber you use comes from?

Grown in Britain (GiB) is a new organisation encouraging the use of UK-grown timber, from our own forests and woodlands, headed by CEO Dougal Driver.

In a bid to combat the deceptive use of the British flag on timber products across the UK construction sector, GiB are rolling out a new campaign, starting with a newly-released infographic putting the facts in the spotlight.

 Dougal Driver said: “As shown in our new infographic, the UK imports £7.8bn of foreign timber every year, whilst we rarely add any significant value to our home-grown sawn timber supplies, and half of our broadleaved and mixed woods are unmanaged.

“Unless we revisit our business practices and rethink the way we procure home-grown timber, we will continue to waste carbon and drag wood from across the world. A Grown in Britain licence supports active and sustainable management of our UK forests and woodlands and is the only assurance that timber products are truly home-grown.”

gib timber infographic

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