Protecting and preserving wood with Barrettine

Protecting and preserving wood with Barrettine

In part two of our feature on protecting and preserving wood, Barrettine explains the features and benefits of more of the products from its comprehensive range.

Educating building owners and occupants about proper wood maintenance practices will go a long way to prolong the lifespan of new or renovated wood and minimise the need for future repairs or renovations.

Before any renovation work begins, it’s crucial to prepare the wood surface properly. This may involve cleaning the wood to remove dirt, grime, and old finishes using appropriate cleaners and paint removers.

Sanding and heat guns to remove old coatings can be laborious, and if there is a risk of old lead paint/coatings being present, there could be health risks that need risk assessing. In such a situation a chemical Paint Stripper such as Peelaway or Paint Panther that encapsulates the lead particles might be the best option.

If there are no old coatings to remove but just older tired looking wood, Barrettine’s Wood Reviver will turn back time when it comes to making timber look like new again. This will take out the major effort created from large scale sanding. Depending on the condition of the timber some sanding may be needed to remove any deep imperfections but this system is more effective, less time consuming and delivers the same result. Wood Reviver is simply painted on to the timber and left for 5 mins to penetrate. A light scrubbing is then required with a full wash down to reveal the newly renovated wood.

Fungi, Bacteria and Mould can also be a common issue, especially in environments with high humidity or moisture levels. The microscopic fungi that can grow on timber may not be visible yet as mould spores can live unseen under the timber surface. This can eventually cause decay and rot which will start to crack, warp, and split the timber weakening its structural integrity. So before applying any wood coating treatment a fungicidal wash is considered good practice to treat this issue. No one likes an unhappy client after the project has been completed but if black spots appear a revisit is probably necessary to rectify the issue, costing time and money! Barrettine’s Mould & Mildew Cleaner would be the perfect cost effective partner to do this for you. This ready to use surface fungicidal wash contains biocides for the control of organic growths and spores including mould, mildew, algae and fungi from masonry, timber, plastic and similar substrates. It can be used externally and internally leaving the surface clean for further remedial treatment.  

If it’s decking your maintaining, get bang for your buck with Barrettine’s Super Concentrated Decking Cleaner. The product as the name suggests is super concentrated and just one bottle will treat up to 40m2 of decking, easily cleaning any surface mould and dirt to prepare the decking surface. It also carries a much greener packing footprint using 70% less plastics compared to alternative 5L ready to use versions.

Once renovated and prepared a number of protection options are available to you from the Barrettine Premier Wood Care range depending on the clients preference. Choose finishes that are suitable for the wood type and the intended use of the new or renovated timber. Products include Wood Preservers & Protectors, Decking Oils and Ultimate UV Protection Oils.  
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