Fein and Heraeus extend range of applications

Fein and Heraeus extend range of applications

Many new application areas for professional users

  • One battery system for tools from different expert brands
  • Bosch and Fein extending their existing partnership
  • Heraeus offering new application areas for the 18 V battery system
  • Cordless work becoming even faster, even easier, and even more versatile

The systematic extension of the Professional 18V System continues: Bosch Power Tools is adding two important expert brands to its 18V battery platform designed for professional use: In the future, professional users will also be able to use power tools from the brands Fein and Heraeus with the Bosch Professional 18V System. “After opening up the Professional 18V System last year, we are now gaining two more renowned and strong professional brands with Fein and Heraeus. Thanks to the partnership with Fein and Heraeus, the 18 V battery system by Bosch offers an even wider range of applications and even more flexibility for users. One battery, one charger and even more applications,” said Lennart de Vet, Member of the Management Board of Bosch Power Tools who is responsible for Bosch Professional, regarding the extension of the platform.

Bosch and Fein extending their existing partnership

In the future, the multi-functional tools in Fein’s Multimaster Series can be operated with batteries from the Bosch Professional 18V System. The tools are suitable for sawing, grinding, polishing, separating, filing, scraping, cutting, and cleaning of different materials. Through the joint battery platform, Bosch and Fein are continuing a partnership that has existed since 2016: The companies jointly developed the Starlock system for standard tool mounting with multi-cutters and have been successfully cooperating on this basis ever since. Offering simple solutions and different applications to customers are precisely the main advantages of the partnership for both Bosch and Fein, according to Dr. Christoph Weiss, CEO of the Fein Group: “Flexibility is necessary, especially when it comes to batteries. Users prefer open systems, i.e. one battery for several professional power tools and ideally across different manufacturers.” This saves money and makes everyday work easier. “We are convinced that, with the Bosch Professional 18V System, we are relying on the right battery platform for the future,” said Dr. Weiss.

Heraeus offering new application areas for the 18 V battery system

Heraeus will also use the Bosch Professional 18V System and fit the 18 V batteries to its UV-C surface cleaner. This tool comes into application wherever wet disinfection is impossible or very difficult, for example, in sensitive electronics, on control panels in control rooms, but also in facility management for the safe and efficient disinfection of workplaces. It is also used to disinfect hospital equipment and ambulances. The effect of UV-C light on corona viruses has been proven in cooperation with the University Clinic in Tübingen. The UV-C surface cleaner is therefore also suitable for removing the SarsCov2 virus by means of surface disinfection. The Professional 18V System makes it possible to apply this technology in a flexible way. “Our UV-C surface cleaner must function with absolute reliability. You can’t see or smell UV-C cleaning. Therefore, we need to be able to rely on a system that can deliver the necessary voltage quickly and effectively to get the job done. We’re building a professional system and therefore need top performance from our partners,” said Martin Ackermann, CEO of Heraeus Noblelight.

Bosch systematically extending the range of cordless tools

In the Professional 18V System, one single battery can be used with many tools bearing different brand names. This saves time, space, and money. Thanks to the integration of specialized and innovative key brands, users enjoy numerous advantages: Full compatibility with all batteries since 2008, the fastest charging time on the market, unique CoolPack technology, and innovative cell technology for the best performance of the powerful ProCore18V batteries. In the next two years Bosch will introduce around 100 new tools in the cordless segment. With these new partnerships, the cordless future for professional users will become more flexible, easier, and more efficient.

You can find further information on the Professional 18V System ‒ powered by Bosch ‒ at: www.professional-18V-system.com

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