A Brickflow White Paper: Solving The UK’s housing shortage 

A Brickflow White Paper: Solving The UK’s housing shortage 

A Brickflow white paper, Solving the UK’s Housing Shortage presents politicians with a 10-step framework for solving our chronic housing shortage.

Brickflow has waded through hundreds of pages of government policy to scrutinise initiatives, summarise the key barriers to housebuilding and provide recommendation from 12 industry leaders from across the private sector, including Knight Frank, PwC, NACFB, as well as brokers, lenders and developers on the coalface of housebuilding. 

Why read it? 

  • The UK has a shortfall of 4.75 million houses  
  • All political parties are promising reform but no comprehensive plan exists 
  • Key barriers to housebuilding are complex and interwoven  
  • Our industry faces continued political uncertainty – 15 housing ministers in 13 years 
  • We need action now before the shortage becomes irreversible

Report highlights 

  • Explains government initiatives in plain English & analyses their successes and failures
  • A deep-dive into the key barriers to housebuilding, including planning, land supply, funding, development incentives, supply chain, environmental requirements and affordability 
  • Reviews progress with Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) and technology 
  • Provides an actionable 10-step framework for removing the barriers to housebuilding and enabling developers to build more houses 

How you can help?

Brickflow is asking for your help to lobby the government into actioning its framework. 

  • Share a link across your company and personal social media channels to help build awareness 

Email a copy to Michael Gove (michael.gove.mp@parliament.uk) and Rachel Maclean (rachel.maclean.mp@parliament.uk)

To read or download the Solving the UK’s Housing Shortage report click here 

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