Why one builder is a Dakea convert when it comes to roof windows

Why one builder is a Dakea convert when it comes to roof windows

New Home Company’s Steve Hammond is a Dakea convert. Professional Builder reports on an environmentally aware farmhouse conversion where the manufacturer’s roof windows were a vital component.

Steve Hammond of New Home Company (Right) with Mark Sparvell of Dakea

The routes that are taken into property development are many and various but, in Steve Hammond’s case, he became hooked on the business of building homes almost by chance. When he bought two properties to convert and extend in order to establish a children’s centre and community hub the Birmingham-based developer got the bug. “It was my first build project and I realised pretty quickly that not only was I thoroughly enjoying the whole process but was actually quite good at it,” explains Steve.

“Since then, I’ve built dozens of high end extensions and carried out numerous quality refurbishments. That lead me to set up the New Home Company which is a property business dedicated to developing, converting and refurbishing high quality homes in desirable areas within the West Midlands.”

Concentrating on bespoke new builds, renovations and conversions in the south Birmingham area and its surrounds, Steve’s first encounter with Dakea would come at a farmhouse refurb in Tamworth in-Arden. “What really excites me is quality projects, and that’s what made Dakea a no-brainer for me. It’s an exceptional product but at a very affordable price.”

Steve was already undertaking two barn conversions in the village and spotted what to the uninitiated would be a simple farmhouse in a rather sorry state of repair. With his keen eye for a development opportunity, however, he recognised its potential. “It came up for auction and I went along without any real intention of making a bid but, in what I can only describe as an impulse purchase, I ended up securing it for £450,000.”

“What I’d bought was a three-bed house with single storey garage attached which hadn’t been inhabited for the best part of a decade. My vision was to transform it into the house it should have always been with a traditional aesthetic but contemporary fixtures and fittings.”

Azure Fixed

The rear extension features an 8m x 4m lounge and is where the New Home Company team would specify and install two Azure Fixed flat roof windows, complemented by two of the same company’s Solar Blind For Flat Roof Window solutions. Designed to be installed in a roof pitch between 5-15° the 1.5 x 1metre units have flooded the extension with light. “The fixings screws and brackets were all included, and we had them in within an hour,” recalls Steve. “I was given the contact details of the technical team at Dakea who were on hand to support us, but it was so straightforward we didn’t actually need them.”

Steve tells us how the Dakea solutions were in step with the finish he wanted to achieve: “The Tamworth-in-Arden barns I’d completed previously were built to a sustainable model, with an air source heat pump (ASHP), a high standard of air tightness and insulation, as well as an MVHR system, and I wanted to translate that experience to the farmhouse. When you begin to engage with eco-friendly technologies, you’d be surprised by just how few people actually understand them but it’s something I really want to embrace.

“We went with an ASHP once again, as well as solar panels with battery storage and underfloor heating on the ground floor. Radiators were installed upstairs but we had to give careful thought to their size in order to match with the air source, which runs at a lower temperature than a gas boiler. Within the confines of what can be achieved with an old building, I was determined to be mindful of the thermal efficiency. That led us to full fill cavity insulation whilst the commendable U-values of the Dakea units also played their part.”

The Azure Fixed flat roof windows feature the protection of external toughened glass, whilst the internal glass is laminated. The PVC base is maintenance free and the outer glass surface has a special coating for easy cleaning. The durable PVC and glass surfaces of the base unit also make the roof windows suitable for spaces with increased humidity, such as kitchens and bathrooms. At the same time, where a higher installation level is required, the base unit can be extended in height by additional extension curbs. Multilayer glazing, combined with the insulated PVC base, ensures efficient noise reduction of both impact noise and environmental noise.

Solar Blind

The Solar Blind For Flat Roof Window solution controls the heat and light in the room below and finds its place where traditional roof window blinds would be hard to reach. Designed to accompany roof windows of 0-15 degrees, a double pleated material delivers a 100 per cent blackout effect, whilst the special aluminium layer in the honeycomb cloth blocks up to an extra 51 per cent of solar heat. Quick and easy to install, the solar panel means no wiring is needed. “The windows were supplied to us very quickly and the Dakea product is excellent on every level,” enthuses Steve. “That’s backed up by a very supportive and personable team, so I’ll definitely be using them again.”

For further information on Dakea Azure Fixed flat roof windows visit Flat Roof Windows & Skylights | Low Pitch Solutions | Dakea.
If you would like to know more about the Dakea Solar Blind For Flat Roof Window go to Solar Blind for Flat Roof Windows | Roof Window Blinds (dakea.co.uk).
To find out more about the work of the New Home Company visit New Home Company.

Developers Network Birmingham

Steve Hammond is also one of the founders of the Developers Network Birmingham, as he explains: “The organisation aims to be Birmingham’s leading educational and networking event for property developers. Our monthly events are designed to deliver education, knowledge, advice and support whilst providing unbeatable networking opportunities. Whether you are new to property development, and want to learn more, or are a seasoned developer that wishes to expand their knowledge and grow their network then these events are for you.

For further information visit The Developers Network (whiteboxps.com).

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