How Samac Fixings makes roofing easy and sustainable

How Samac Fixings makes roofing easy and sustainable

James Robinson, Sales and Marketing Director of Samac Fixings, looks at three roofing products designed to make installations easier and more sustainable. 

There is little doubt that the construction industry is continually moving towards adopting more eco-friendly practices and more sustainable materials. From highly efficient heating systems to recyclable packaging, there isn’t a trade or product sector untouched by the trend. Roofing is no different and there are now many products on offer that are not only making life easier for builders and roofers, but that are also more environmentally sound too. 

The Rooftec range from Samac Fixings, for instance, includes Dry Ridge Fixing Systems, Breathable Membranes along with Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) lead alternatives. The latter was introduced because we understand that reducing environmental impact, conserving natural resources and minimising waste are necessary for the construction industry as a whole. 

EPDM has an impressive lifespan and the membranes are designed to resist degradation caused by UV rays, ozone exposure and extreme temperatures, ensuring they maintain their integrity for several decades. It’s made from synthetic rubber derived from natural gas and oil and can be easily recycled at the end of its life cycle so it is an excellent choice for installers who want to reduce their carbon footprint. Samac’s EPDM Rooftec Flex product has a core of aluminium mesh which is also highly recyclable, reducing the strain on natural resources and minimising waste generation. It is lightweight, easy to install, its life expectancy stretches to 40 years and it carries a 15 year guarantee. 


A well-maintained slate roof can last for over a century. This extended lifespan not only reduces construction waste but also decreases the energy and raw materials required for manufacturing new roofing materials. On a roof that looks so good and lasts so long, the last thing you want are visible hooks. 

Coloured Slate Hooks are the simple solution for fixing natural slate to pitched roofs and are an alternative to copper clout nails. They come in light grey, dark grey and green, measure 100mm x 2.7mm and are available in tubs of 500. By updating the hook’s appearance, these products provide an unobtrusive fixing solution, matching the colours against the colour of the slate itself, allowing the beauty of the roofing material to take centre stage. The result is a sleek and refined appearance that elevates the overall appeal of any property.  


A growing number of households have turned to solar panels in a bid to reduce their environmental impact and slash soaring heating bills, but maintaining solar panels can be a challenging task. Beneath those sleek solar panels can lie a troubling problem – debris that refuses to blow away. Soggy leaves, persistent moisture and stubborn dirt can create a breeding ground for mould which can compromise the stability of the roof and its ability to support the weight of the solar panels.  

The framework supporting solar panels are inviting perches for birds which can result in a build-up of debris and corrosive droppings beneath the panels. Some solutions to stop this involve drilling onto the panels, increasing the risk of extremely costly damage and voiding the panel warranty. 

Easily retrofitted, Solarguard Pro is the ideal solution; it is easy to install and safeguards up to eight solar panels per kit. Simply affix the two corner pieces to the highest row of panels, position the guard sections between them and secure them in place with a mounting clamp. Each pack includes 20 guards, four corner guards and 108 mounting clamps, suitable for use on all solar panels with a U-profile. It also comes with a reassuring 10-year warranty, offering installers and homeowners genuine peace of mind. 

These simple products can save time, increase the lifespan and add a sustainable edge to any roofing project.  

For more details on the Samac Fixings range visit Samac Fixings.

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