ToughBuilt’s sawhorse range

ToughBuilt’s sawhorse range

America – land of the free, home of the brave and also, it seems, the birthplace of next generation sawhorses. Professional Builder finds out more. 

Whether carpentry and joinery tasks are something you face on an everyday basis or just from time-to-time, a decent pair of sawhorses is an essential piece of kit. Over recent years, these unsung heroes of countless work sites and projects have undergone a silent revolution thanks to the efforts and expertise of numerous manufacturers – and perhaps none more so than ToughBuilt. ToughBuilt may be a fairly new entrant to the UK and European market but in the US, the manufacturer is pretty much a household name, and especially amongst those involved in any kind of woodworking. So just what is it that’s driven the company’s success in the States and internationally? And what is that makes its Sawhorse such an attractive choice for trade professionals on this side of the pond?

Living up to the name

To ensure its sawhorses are ToughBuilt not only in name, but also in nature, the manufacturer shuns wood and the widespread use of plastics in favour of the highest-grade steel. The use of this material enables the units to withstand even the toughest of site conditions. Not content to stop there, a powder coat and zinc plating is applied to the steel for added protection and resistance to rust and corrosion.

In fact, the manufacturer is so confident in the durability of its products that it backs them with possibly the best warranty in the business. This is 2-years as standard, but the company will extend that to 25-years if you register your purchase with them.

A load of benefits

Another major plus to the use of steel is the fact that the material offers excellent load-bearing capabilities. Highlighting this, the entry model sawhorse – the ToughBuilt C300 Sawhorse – can support just shy of 500kg individually, or almost a tonne when used in a pair.

The manufacturer’s range-topping C700 Sawhorse and Jobsite Table, meanwhile, can support 590kg individually or 1.2 tonnes when used as a pair.

Despite this impressive load-bearing, the Sawhorses remain relatively lightweight and portable. Each C700 Sawhorse, for example, weighs just 10.5 kilograms. That’s not bad given its ability to support over half a tonne and is made possible by the use of clever engineering and advanced material science. For maximum ease of transportation and storage, all ToughBuilt Sawhorses also fold down into compact and space-saving cuboid bars. Plus, they employ easy carry handles and rolled edges for comfort and safety.

Sawhorse meets workhorse

ToughBuilt has developed a number of small, value-adding features which can make a big difference to your productivity and safety. The majority of Sawhorses, for example, have two specialist support arms where a piece of 2” x 4” timber can be inserted to join two sawhorses together to create an stable jobsite table.

Similarly, you’ll find material support pegs on the legs of the manufacturer’s top three Sawhorse models – the C700, C650 and C550. These pegs can be used to hold OSB, chipboard and other sheet materials safely and securely whilst you work on them.

The legs of the C700 and C650 Sawhorses are also telescopic and individually adjustable. Plus, they employ pivoting feet. Combined, these features enable them to provide stability and a level surface on any terrain, no matter how uneven.

These telescopic legs also allow you to adjust the height to suit you. You can forget all about back pain from hours working with a Sawhorse that is either too low or too tall for you.

The C700 also features a grippy, non-slip top surface as well as fold-out cutting brackets, which can be of major benefit when cutting pipes, conduits and other long items or materials.

Given the level of thought and attention to detail that has gone into ToughBuilt Sawhorses, it becomes clear why these products enjoy a such large and loyal customer base amongst trade professionals in the US and further afield. Now, with recent investments into its European operations to ensure increased product choice and availability, the manufacturer looks set to replicate that following here in the UK.

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