The GRL 600 CHV rotary laser level from Bosch

The GRL 600 CHV rotary laser level from Bosch

Professional Builder puts your questions to Bosch on its GRL 600 CHV rotary laser level.

When it comes to any laser level accuracy is king, especially in a model with an extended range, so what can the GRL 600 CHV offer?

One of the main benefits of this rotary laser is that it is highly accurate, achieving ± 0.05mm/m and 1.5mm/30m, with a working diameter of up to 600m with the LR 60 receiver. Not only that, thanks to the quick and easy user calibration available through the app, end users can have confidence that the tool is always accurate.

What about durability? If, for instance, it rains would I have to cover it or bring it in?

This unit is IP68 protected against dust and water, and that includes the battery compartment. We know that building sites can be unforgiving environments for any piece of equipment, which is why, if it does get knocked over, there’s two protective handles on each side (four in total) for shock absorption, whilst the design benefits from a 2m tripod tip over rating.

I already have a number of Bosch power tools on my van so can I use the same batteries?

The GRL 600 CHV actually comes with the convenience of a choice of power source. It’s compatible with all Bosch 18V Li-ion batteries up to 8.0Ah, and will achieve a 60h run time with the manufacturer’s latest 4.0Ah ProCore. Make use of the included BA 1 Adapter, however, and you can utilise alkaline cells, achieving a 70h run time in the process. Whichever of these you’re running, thanks to the spring-supported ejecting of battery and adapter, you will never be left uninterrupted on the job.

We mainly use our existing laser level for footings and foundations, but what other applications could we be looking at?

There’s a whole host of jobs that this rotation laser quite literally has in its sights, whether it’s garden landscaping or determining cut and fill values for excavation. Move inside, and wastewater pipe installation or suspended ceilings will equally present no problem. Indeed, indoors is where the variable speed function – at a choice of 150, 300 or 600rpm – comes into its own, where a reduced rpm will make the laser more visible in challenging lighting conditions. Similarly, the unit also has a choice of sweep angle at 0º, 10º, 25º, 50º and 360º. Finally the GRL 600 CHV’s ability to use dual axis for sloping up to 8.5 per cent is a must have on your rotational laser.

We’ve had issues in the past with the receiver in that some makes we’ve tried can have a small reception area and that makes it hard to find the laser beam?

Thanks to the 125mm reception area on our LR 60 you shouldn’t have that problem. In addition, the receiver has been designed to be simple to set up and operate, with features like a dual-sided and backlit LCD display.

You’ve talked about calibration through the app, but we’d be interested to hear what other functions we can expect through our phones?

The Bosch Levelling Remote App connects to the GRL 600 CHV via Bluetooth and is a completely free of charge download for iOS and Android smartphones. It saves on set up time, including slope and sweep angles, allows one individual to do far more on site, especially if they’re working alone and, because everything can be controlled from the app, it will eliminate the risk of moving the device in operation. The CAL Assistant guides you through the calibration process for each axis, whilst it’s also possible to save individual settings, including slope and rpm, which can then be quickly applied at any time in the future. Many of these functions can also be enjoyed with the supplied RC 6 remote control unit. With this device in hand, end users can move the sweep or spot either clockwise or anti-clockwise, adjust the sweep angle, toggle between the X and Y axis, and vary the speed.


GRL 600 CHV Rotary Laser
Laser Receiver
RB 60 Receiver Bracket
RC 60 Remote Control
WM 6 Wall Mount
GBA 18V 4.0Ah ProCore Li Battery Pack
GAL 18V-40 Li Battery Charger
BA 1 Battery Adapter
(4) D Batteries
(4) AA Batteries
Red Laser Glasses
Red Target Plate
Tripod Carrying Straps
Carrying Case

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