Tech Talk: Efficut from Makita

Tech Talk: Efficut from Makita

In the latest instalment of the Tech Talk series, we explain how Makita’s new range of Efficut saw blades are helping tradespeople to speed up work and become more efficient on site.

Managing a construction firm means the constant pursuit of improving efficiency to help lower costs without compromising on productivity or quality. Additionally, firms with high levels of operational efficiency produce little waste and minimise over-production. To this end, systems that improve processes are in high demand. Unfortunately, such systems are few and far between. That’s why technologies like Makita’s Efficut saw blades are so noteworthy when undertaking any cutting work.

Noting the requirement for faster operation and longer run times, the power tool manufacturer has designed the blades to allow those on-site to make cuts 2.4 times faster than standard. This significant improvement is also helping tradespeople to carry out more cuts per charge, reducing downtime and enabling the greater adoption of cordless tool use. Available in a range of blade diameters and tooth conjurations, with wood and metal cutting variants, the new blades are quick, efficient and provide lifelong service.

The tooth design on these blades features several properties to offer a number of improved user benefits. A thinner blade produces less resistance during operation and, therefore, is less draining on the battery – operators can experience extended battery life of up to 2.4 times longer when cutting wood, and 1.5 times longer when cutting metal. The blades also allow for 2.4 times more cuts per battery charge cutting wood, and 1.6 times more cuts per battery charge when cutting metal, in comparison to equivalent, conventional saw blades. A scalloped front face on each tooth provides excellent chip chute performance and the sharp tip, with bevelled angle, enables a fine cut with only minimal effort, offering a faster cut, and allowing tradespeople to undertake more cuts between charges.

This is particularly significant for firms using cordless tools. With the increased efficiency of the Efficut saw blades, tradespeople can achieve more before having to re-charge, progressing work faster and more efficiently.

Thanks to better performance and run times, these saw blades help make cordless tools a more viable and suitable option on busy construction sites. This is a significant benefit, especially in light of new health and safety regulations around loose and low-hanging cables. Adopting cordless tools makes proper cable management far easier, reducing the opportunity to trip over trailing cables and the need for additional solutions, such as cable ties and hooks. Furthermore, cordless tools afford users an extra level of flexibility, which enables them to access awkward or limited areas.

Importantly, for those requiring increased speed, the saw blades can also be used on a wide range of corded tools. Even on corded machines, the blades can make cutting speed 2.5 times faster.

Representing a technological advancement, the Efficut saw blades are a very viable option to help construction firms to achieve higher levels of operational efficiency. Using Efficut blades, high-drain cordless tools, such as circular and mitre saws, can be used without the need for constant recharging.

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