Freefoam’s Registered Installer Scheme

Freefoam’s Registered Installer Scheme

Colin St John, commercial director at Freefoam Building Products, shows how all building professionals can take advantage of the company’s Registered Installer Scheme, and get the support package they deserve in the process.

At this company we are totally committed to building support and opportunities throughout the supply chain and our  Registered Installer programme is one of the most important parts of this strategy – offering builders a package of support from marketing materials and industry leading guarantees to free pre-qualified consumer leads for roofline and cladding work.

Is the Freefoam scheme open to anyone?
Absolutely – we have no restrictions on the type of company we authorise as Registered Installers. You might be a general builder, window installer or roofer. If you are fitting fascias, soffits and guttering on a regular basis you can join the scheme and get the benefits.

Explain the benefits of the Registered Installer scheme

As a business we provide a range of specific roofline literature and sales tools to help close a lead. From samples to illustrate the quality of the product and swatches to showcase the colour range the  support package gives installers the help to maximise upsell opportunities. And last but not least is our 50 year guarantee . . .

So how does the guarantee work in practice?

In today’s demanding market anything that sets your business apart from the competition is an advantage, so that’s where the 50 year extended ‘Lifetime’ guarantee comes in. Only Registered Installers can offer the 50 year guarantee. It is available on all white roofline products – fascia, soffit and guttering – and backed by an environmentally friendly lead-free formulation. But it’s not just white – a 10 year guarantee is available on the full colour range backed by the manufacturer’s patented Colormax technology. A 10 year guarantee is also offered on foiled woodgrain finish products produced with market leading Renolit EXOFOL MX foil incorporating its Solar Shield technology (SST). SST offers built in sun reflection which reduces heat absorption, thus minimising profile temperature and expansion.

A strong guarantee adds weight to a sales pitch and is easy to administer with a simple online registration process.  



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