Develop new opportunities using colour with Freefoam Building Products

Develop new opportunities using colour with Freefoam Building Products

Colin St John, Commercial Director at Freefoam Building Products, shows how builders can use colour to develop new opportunities, and add value to extensions and home improvement projects.

“As responsible manufacturers, Freefoam Building Products are committed to providing products that bring new opportunities for all professional builders. We manufacture one of the most technologically advanced colour ranges of fascia, soffit and gutter available.”

Tell us a bit about the background to the change in the market?

For many years white was the only option and the only choice for PVC Window, Doors and Fascia. Colour was difficult to get and often had to be ordered well in advance, and in large quantities – but things have changed. Manufacturers have developed new techniques and made colour a permanent part of their ranges.

So how are your colour products made?

Freefoam manufacture colour fascia, soffit and gutter using compounds as well as our own patented Colormax technology. This ‘co-extrusion’ process means the outside colour skin and the inside foam core are intrinsically bonded together creating hardwearing and long lasting colour products.

Is colour difficult to get hold of?

No, our technology means that we can manufacture colour fascia as part of our normal process. This means the majority of colours are now available from stock, and building professionals will see little difference in lead times between white and colour.

How many colours do you offer?

We have eight colours in our range from white to black.

So how can builders benefit from these changes?

Fascia, Soffit and Gutter………for many builders it’s just part of a much larger project, maybe a new extension, complete home refurbishment or loft conversion. For carpenters and joiners it’s also often just a commodity. But don’t overlook the opportunities colour fascia, soffit and gutter can bring.

With the changes in trends for colour windows and doors away from white, the replacement of fascia, soffit and gutter has transitioned itself from a commodity, or ‘distress’ purchase, to a more natural enhancement of the kerbside appeal of a property. Discerning homeowners have recognised you must view a house as a whole, and some have used colour to improve or differentiate the appearance of their home. That’s why you should consider colour to add value and individuality to your client’s projects.

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