The easy way to fit a Pocket Door System

The easy way to fit a Pocket Door System

Fitting a pocket door is often accompanied by a lot of head scratching and a few choice words before it is made to fit properly.

One of the major problems in most cases is getting the right pocket for the stud work you are using. If the stud work is the same size as the pocket it can halve the time it takes to fit so it is really important.

You will be familiar with CLS timber stud which generally comes in two sizes, 63 mm and the most popular 89 mm. So far so good but the problems arise when a supplier refers to the as 3 x 2 or 4 x 2 which are the old imperial stud work sizes (75 mm and 100 mm). CLS is the planed down version of these and is no longer these nominal sizes even though some suppliers still refer to them.

So be careful when you order the timber stud, make sure you know the exact size and not the so called ‘nominal’ size.

Most pocket door systems have a 75 mm pocket so you can see where the head scratching starts if you have 89 mm CLS stud work!

If you buy a Rocket Pocket door system your life will be easier as they have pockets of 70 mm, 75 mm. and 90 mm. This last one matches the 89 mm CLS stud (apart from half a mm each side!) and lines up perfectly with it

Just screw the pocket to the stud work and plasterboard over it – Problem Solved!

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