The benefits of becoming a FENSA Approved Installer

The benefits of becoming a FENSA Approved Installer

Join the FENSA community of Approved Installers and help your business thrive  

FENSA Approved Installers are a part of a dedicated community who improve over 500,000 homes every year and, here at FENSA HQ, we take satisfaction in being able to consistently update our exclusive benefits offering to reflect the hard work undertaken by the FENSA community.

By utilising resources like the FENSA Training Academy and the Skilled Pathways Scheme to enhance your workforce, taking advantage of our free Recycling scheme, accessing extensive knowledge guides such as the Guide to Compliance, using lead generation tools through the Installer Portal, and participating in webinars on Building Regulation updates, Approved Installers can gain a competitive advantage over their competitors.

FENSA Training Academy – winning you more work

Whether you’re looking to brush up on your knowledge, you’re embarking onto your journey into the glass industry, or if it’s a two-hour top up course or a whole qualification, the FENSA Training Academy offers learners the opportunity to develop the skills and expertise you’ll need to succeed in the glass and glazing industry.

The Training Academy offers a diverse array of training sessions designed to enhance professional skills and knowledge in the industry. Courses cover topics, such as Understanding Building Regulations, Level 1 Construction Health and Safety, Carrying out a Risk Assessment, Working at Height, Sales and Compliance and Practical Introduction to Fenestration Surveying.

Skilled Pathways Scheme

In addition to the training academy, Approved Installers have access to the GGF Skilled Pathways Scheme. The Scheme collaborates with training experts Total Support Training and the industry awarding body GQA Qualifications and offers a clear career trajectory for trainees, including those leaving school or college.

The GGF Skilled Pathways is an 18-24 month scheme that sees all companies involved receive the following: 

  • A commitment from the GGF of up to £4,000 training costs for a trainee 
  • A mixture of classroom and remote learning  
  • Support from the GGF Training and Technical department when required 
  • A NVQ Level2 qualification to all trainees completing the scheme 

The Government’s commitment to achieving Net Zero by 2050, and to guarantee this is on track, the construction industry will require an additional 500,000 new roles by 2028. A large portion of these jobs will originate via new trade roles, so the Skilled Pathways Scheme was launched in September 2021 to help companies recruit, train, and attract the next generation of talent into the industry.

Showcase your commitment to sustainability

Our recycling scheme provides the community with an on-site collection service for their old windows and doors that are made of uPVC, aluminium and timber and glass in England, Wales and Scotland.

Every single FENSA Approved Installer can fill out a simple online form and have their glass, uPVC, timber and aluminium collected on site by our respective recycling partners. What’s more, all the glass and uPVC collected goes back into the industry, completing the circular economy. By making our sector more sustainable it in turn becomes more attractive to consumers.

By actively participating in our recycling schemes, FENSA Approved Installers have the opportunity to demonstrate their dedication to sustainability to their customers and save money on skip hire in the process. Have we also mentioned it’s free?

FENSA Guide to Compliance

With all the recent updates made to the Building Regulations, we have recently updated and re-issued our Guide to Compliance. This is the first update since 2016 so there is lots of new information to take on board. The guide has been produced in conjunction with RISA and the GGF, to provide further industry support to all Approved Installers.

The guide covers everything from structure to fire safety, sealing to ventilation, and access to thermal performance. It means all Approved Installers have one publication covering everything they need to know. The Guide to Compliance is an exclusive document available only to Approved Installers.

Building Regulation webinars

As well as the exclusive Guide to Compliance document, we produce live and comprehensive webinars for the Approved Documents and Building Regulations Update. These webinars are also uploaded for the FENSA community to view permanently on the Installer Portal.

Direct homeowner quotes

FENSA offers a direct channel for homeowner quotes, meaning potential customers can contact you directly through the website, actively seeking your services and requesting a quote. Additionally, every Approved Installer has access to a convenient and easy to use dashboard to efficiently manage leads and follow up as appropriate.

With the list of benefits available to FENSA Approved Installers constantly expanding – such as FENSA Finance, cutting costs with a FuelCard, CRM assistance from Business Pilot, and 50% off of terminal rentals at takepayments – it’s a straightforward decision to join the largest installer community in the industry.

For further information on FENSA visit Become a FENSA Approved Installer.

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