Bradstone opens its doors to landscaping professionals

Bradstone opens its doors to landscaping professionals

Bradstone, a leading name in the hard landscaping industry, is delighted to announce the expansion of its Bradstone Assured programme, now open to all gardening and landscaping professionals.   

This programme signifies the company’s commitment to excellence within the landscaping community and its dedication to continuous improvement.  

To encourage professionals to join, Bradstone is offering a limited-time promotion of a six-month free membership for those who meet the entry criteria. By doing this it provides an opportunity for landscaping experts to experience the exclusive benefits of the programme without any financial commitment.  


As part of the scheme, installers will enjoy unparalleled advantages, including a 10-year guarantee on products, demonstrating Bradstone’s confidence in the durability and longevity of their materials. Additionally, a 5-year guarantee on installations underscores the commitment to the quality of workmanship.  

Furthermore, members will have access to a suite of comprehensive training modules covering products, customer service, and business management. This training ensures that members are well-equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in their landscaping career.  

Technical support is also a big priority for Bradstone Assured members, and individuals will have dedicated access to a team of experts to assist with any challenges they may encounter. This personalised support ensures that installations meet the highest standards and adhere to stringent criteria.  


Highest standards of quality 

Neil Bills, General Manager of Bradstone says: “We’re pleased to open our doors for free to all landscaping professionals, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality and professionalism within the Bradstone Assured programme and this is a testament to our dedication to excellence in landscaping.  

“While the entry criteria for Bradstone Assured is stringent, we believe in rewarding our members with unparalleled benefits – for us this is not just a certification it’s a partnership that empowers professionals to deliver excellence in every project.”   

To apply for Bradstone Assured membership, interested professionals can complete the application form here. Upon submission, applicants can then expect to be contacted within two-three business days.  

For more garden advice or information on Bradstone’s paving collection, please visit Join Bradstone Assured | Blog | Bradstone. 

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