Roger Bisby Gets Mixed Up With the Cyklone Paint Stirrer

Roger Bisby Gets Mixed Up With the Cyklone Paint Stirrer

Roger Bisby regrets not having used the Cyklone Paint Stirrer earlier.

This little stainless steel stirrer has been sitting in my goods in bay for a few months now.

Even though I have used quite a lot of paint in that time I have not thought to use it. To be honest I was thinking:
“It’s a stirrer – put it on the back burner. What can be that different about a stirrer?”

Having finally put it into an 18 volt cordless drill, and given it a spin, I am kicking myself for not having used it earlier.

I am amazed at just how good this little device is at doing the job. It is a complete revelation.

The inventors have obviously put a lot of thought into the design. They made their device because they found that so many out there just didn’t do the job, leaving areas around the edge of the can where the stirrer couldn’t reach.

Simple But Clever

It isn’t complicated – the shape of the blade makes sure it can get into the bottom of the tin. Importantly, it gets right to the edges too, so that nothing is left unstirred.

Also that little circular bit on the bottom that makes it look like the London Transport sign has a function.

It allows the stirrer to sit on the bottom and spin. It is so much more efficient than a balloon shaped whisk that I wonder it has not been adopted by the food blender makers.

There is more to this than a simple flat paddle. The tapered holes through the middle of the blade are wider on one side than the other creating a whirlpool effect.

The liquid is drawn down through the middle and up around the edges. The cyclone effect is so powerful it can spin the paint can. Be aware of this if you increase speed on your drill. Hang onto that can!

The manufacturers say it is suitable for plaster and tile adhesive but I am not sure it is large enough for serious amounts. I have no doubt that it is tough enough but just not big enough to deal with larger volumes.

Maybe they are working on a larger version for plasterers, and it will be interesting to see how it works.

If you are a painter/decorator or jobbing builder this is a tool that will last a very long time, or at least until somebody steals it.

For further information on the Cyklone paint stirrer click here.

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