Review: Walther Strong Tape

Review: Walther Strong Tape

When it comes to a race for the tape Walther Strong is out in front.

Have you ever found yourself cleaning away adhesive residue left behind from the tape you have used to temporarily cover something? For example, it’s common when working, to cover a laminate floor with protective sheets and then tape it around the edges, to hold it in position to prevent it from sliding around.

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However, the problem arises when it comes to peeling the tape off, and you’re left cleaning the sticky marks on the floor, which is the exact job you were initially trying to avoid.

On this job I rolled up with Walther Strong, Clean Room Construction Tape. Its bright orange appearance added colour to the room. My biggest question with this product was if it really peeled a treat, after a week.

Its colour meant I wasn’t playing hide and seek to make sure I hadn’t missed a bit, as many tapes camouflage themselves into the room. I was very surprised to see that it left a totally unmarked surface, whilst it was still strong enough to hold the protective material in place.

The reason it gets first place for me, is that it’s also very easy to cleanly tear in both directions with your hands. This is particularly handy when needing nice straight edges to work with.

It’s not just a roll of tape but a tape that tells you exactly what you want to know about it before you even purchase it. Walther Strong are using a unique rating system that give each of their products in the range logos with descriptions on the packaging. For example the results for this Clean Room Construction Tape are;

Easy Release: 8/10
Stickiness: 9/10
Easy Tear: 10/10
Clean Release: 10/10

Another flexible feature is its stretchiness. This allows it to be effectively used as a clamp by stretching it and wrapping it around something you want to temporarily hold in position, such as a lathe, until it’s dried. So where it’s difficult to use a clamp Walther will be there as an extra pair of hands.

As you would imagine, this tape can be used for numerous applications, by a number of trades on site, and it has definitely impressed me. Although Walther Strong may not currently be a household name, they do have many years of experience both on site and in retail, so they know what people want.

It’s not just from guessing but from doing thorough research and most importantly going out and asking the tradesmen and women what they want. So ironically the only place this tape has left its mark, is on me!

There are a number of other products available under the Walther Strong name:

• Ultimate Duct Tape

• Premium Masking Tape

• Utlity Tape

• Pro Masking Exterior Tape

• Pro Masking Interior Tape

• Scrim Tape

• Aluminum Foil Tape

• Liquid Tape

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