Review: Tibby Singh tries the latest from Snickers Workwear

Review: Tibby Singh tries the latest from Snickers Workwear

Tibby Singh Chodha slips into something more comfortable with the latest from Snickers.

Snickers Workwear are always looking for ways to improve what is already a great product. In fact, it’s easy to wear these clothes but trickier to keep up with the company’s ever expanding range. I particularly admire how the workwear is customised for each trade and adapted for all weather conditions, come rain or come shine. Reviewing their workwear never wears me out, so I was excited to slip into the latest garments on offer.

Working my way top down, means I’ll start with the new AllroundWork Logo Hoodie. It’s another premium hoodie that will certainly keep you warm and feeling comfortable. It’s made of a high quality thick 400g/m2 cotton and polyester blend, making you feel like someone’s wrapped you up in cotton wool. Snickers Workwear always has trick up its sleeve, and in this case it’s the raglan sleeve design. This is a sleeve that extends in one piece fully to the collar, leaving a diagonal seam from the underarm to the collarbone, which offers much more freedom of movement. You can even keep your hands warm in the kangaroo pocket when they’re not working away. You’ll never see a burnt iron mark on this hoodie as it features a form-stable construction, meaning it doesn’t require ironing. That’s just another reason to wear it on a daily basis as ironing can be heap of work, especially when you’re in a rush.

Next up to get a work over was the Ruffwork Canvas Work Trousers with Holster Pockets. For the last two weeks I’ve been doing some rough work myself. By that I mean a demolition job as opposed to the quality of my work being rough. With this kind of project you tend to find yourself rubbing up against rough surfaces. With the strength of these trousers it’s hard just to scratch the surface. They have been protected with the Cordura fabric, which makes them durable, versatile and reliable. They are still flexible from the crotch to the rear, so you don’t have to worry about any wardrobe malfunctions. I always find that trousers get weak at the knees but, with the extra life afforded by reinforced knee protection, you’ll have a longer working relationship with these.
work trousers

Something that doesn’t get an extra life are your knees and they need protecting. That’s why knee pads are an essential part of your daily attire and I never work without them. I’m always amazed how Snickers Workwear are evolving and improving the technology in products that seem as simple as some knee pads, but yet again they’ve managed to achieve just that with the XTR Craftsmen D30 Knee Pads. They are shaped to hug your knees and you hardly notice they are there, although you will notice and appreciate they are there when working on the roughest surfaces. I never once have to worry about pushing them up or down as they stay securely in place for continuous comfort, while providing flexibility when walking.

That brings me onto the final product, which is the new Solid Gear Venture Safety Trainers. I can seriously say these are actually lighter than some of the trainers I’ve had. The NANO toe cap technology means they are metal free and 40 per cent stronger than fibreglass. Its ETPU midsole is clearly noticeable as it provides amazing cushioning. Solid Gear have given the shoe laces the kick and instead used the new BOA lacing System. This means they can be tightened quickly by simply turning a dial, providing a supreme fit in the process. I found this very handy as I was working outdoors in the cold, where lacing up with numb fingers can be more challenging than the job you’re on.




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