Quickslide: How great windows and doors can sell a house

Quickslide: How great windows and doors can sell a house

Onsite with Ade continues as this month Adie says that great windows and doors can sell a house even before the potential buyer has stepped into the property. 

There’s never been a bigger choice in doors and windows: aluminium, PVCu, traditional sash windows or maybe flush casements, bi-folding doors or French or sliders… And that’s without even addressing the question of colour, which has a huge impact on the finished look of a refurb.  

So where to start? When it comes to choosing doors and windows for your next renovation, Quickslide’s experts offer some key considerations to help inform your decision: 

  1. Styling and details 

As the first thing buyers see, the outside appearance of the house is of utmost importance. Take a lead from the home improvement market: recent research again confirms that windows and doors remain the homeowner’s favourite improvement. Flush sash frames have gained in popularity and the difference between these stylish frames over conventional casements isn’t as much as you might think. And choosing this style will preclude any need for mock Georgian bar or leaded lights! 

A stylish entrance door will put a ‘smile’ on a house – it really is a game changer. And go for a bright, solid colour to make the property ‘pop’! Traditional styling tends to work with traditional homes, but if there is no distinct architectural style to the property, then go for something a little more modern. 

  1. Colours and choice

Gone are the days of wall-to-wall white windows. In fact, more than 40% of Quickslide’s output for the home improvement market is for wood grained and coloured frames. Consider creams or pale greens, greys and even blues to simply tone frames down to blend into the property.   

And don’t forget the inside of your windows and door frames: the option to have dual foils means you can choose one colour outside that matches the home’s exterior, while opting for something different inside which better suits your interior design. So, if you want a heritage style window that matches its traditional surrounds outside, but a different style inside to complement a more contemporary lifestyle, well now you can. 

  1. The latest in aluminium

The clean lines and sleek look and feel of aluminium has extended to a huge choice of windows to match the doors. Aluminium is durable, low maintenance and more rigid than PVCu, which allows for slimmer frames and narrower sightlines in windows and glass doors. All of which is beneficial to improving a modern home’s light and airy ambience.  

  1. Indoors and out

Connecting the indoors with outside is still a huge home trend and makes bi-folds a popular choice for doors, with their ability to open up the space. However, the maturing market for bi-folds has also seen sales of sliding doors increase, particularly those which offer newer, slimmer sightlines giving unencumbered views even when closed (which, let’s face it, is much of the time in our UK climate).  

Folding sliding doors are also becoming popular. These offer the key benefits of bi-folds to offer a full opening but the door panels, rather than being hinged to each other, each slide independently on the track to provide partial openings as well as stacking on the rail.  

  1. The little things also count…

Window and door furniture are also crucial elements: chrome handles and fittings will usually lift a property with plain white tending to look budget. And whilst not immediately obvious, adding upgraded, high security locks look great in the sales brochure specification.  

Turn to your regular supplier for advice: at Quickslide we offer a huge range…just ask! 

For further information on Quickslide go to Window & Door Suppliers West Yorkshire | Double Glazing Manufacturers (quickslide.co.uk).

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