Q&A with Build Aviator

Q&A with Build Aviator

Professional Builder puts the questions to time-saving estimating service provider Build Aviator.

Many of our readers might be unfamiliar with Build Aviator as a name. What is it you can provide the trades?
Build Aviator provides comprehensive and professional quantity take-off reports, including reliable estimates of materials, plant and tool hire and the labour required to complete the build.

So how does a builder get started with the system?
By simply uploading your plans and selecting your turnaround time your project will be analysed and priced within a matter of days by an experienced ex-trade expert. Once the project has been analysed, the estimator will call you to discuss all the ins and outs of the project, any extra or specific details and your labour rates, mark-ups and margins. Once the estimator has finished working on the project, you will receive the reports digitally; a set for your business and set to pass straight on to your client. We encourage you to look over the documents to make sure everything is in working order and all the details are correct.

There’s always the unexpected in any job so what happens if changes need to be made?
If you need to make any changes, that’s not a problem as any amendments, except structural changes, are free and can be completed quickly.

Tradesman Andy D shares his experiences with Build Aviator

How long did it take you to price an extension without the software?
Before using the program it could take me hours – sometimes even days. It all depended on the size and intricacy of the build and the type of materials being used. I would have to ring round for prices and do long, hard maths to hope everything was accurate and correct. After doing all the calculations, you still didn’t know for certain if you were right – you just had to hope. The program is fantastic because it gives you that certainty you can’t get by pricing a build yourself.

Were your prices accurate before using the software?
The prices were never entirely accurate. I had to use a lot of rule of thumb and guess work. I had to work out the physical measurements and gather the actual prices from the merchants – now the program does all that for me. In the past I’ve brought pricing manuals to try and help me but the pricing sections are all sold separately so you end up with hundreds of different books for one job. The program has everything in one place so it makes it a lot easier for me to not only calculate and price the build but also to ensure my figures and prices are accurate. It’s great because the materials, prices and everything is organised into sections. The program instantly shows you the accurate figures for the profit you’ll make, quantities and prices of the materials, labour and plant you’ll need and this can ultimately show you if it’s worth going for.





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