Protecting profits and impressing clients with Build Aviator

Protecting profits and impressing clients with Build Aviator

Jatinder Singh Hunjan of JS Legacy describes how Build Aviator has helped protect his profit while impressing clients.

Jatinder has never been one for numbers. When transitioning from a plumbing & heating engineer to running his own construction company, finance was a major concern. 

In 2000, I began my career in the plumbing and heating trade as an apprentice. I focused on plumbing and heating until 2012 when I shifted to residential construction and launched JS Legacy. Today, we are a core team of four, working with a trusted network of subcontractors. We deliver high-quality residential projects across London and the Southeast.

Building business

When I transitioned from a plumbing and heating engineer to construction, my biggest challenge wasn’t the different trades; I was confident in my skills. The hardest part was managing the numbers and presenting them to clients in a professional manner.  

Initially, I used a cost-per-square-metre approach and sent basic estimates via email. This method fell short when clients had questions or wanted to adjust the scope of work. Although I understood the costs, I struggled to articulate them clearly, leading to embarrassing and unprofessional moments. Furthermore, this approach didn’t allow me to separate labour costs from material costs, nor account for in-house or subcontractor expenses. I’d pay everything out and hope for a profit, which was not sustainable.  

In 2020, I realised a drastic change was necessary to continue building properties for my clients. I explored various estimating options and quickly settled on Build Aviator. Unlike most alternatives, Build Aviator integrates fully with our builders’ merchant, using actual material costs. When I looked at other estimating services, I found that most were using a generic material cost which, in reality, wasn’t what you’d pay or they expected the builder to say what they pay for each item. 

This seamless integration means I only need to provide in-house and subcontractor costs—Build Aviator handles the rest. Without real material costs, I’d be unknowingly cutting into my profit. 

I’ve used Build Aviator for over four years now and have a dedicated estimator, Simon Piela. Simon is more than just a number cruncher; he understands construction and has taken the time to understand how JS Legacy operates, making him a valuable part of our team. He reviews specs, examines drawings, and often points out things I might have missed. His knowledge and the overall service also mean that once we’ve won the job, he can support us for the duration. If I need to talk through the detail when we get to a specific part of the build or if changes are needed, he’s a video call away. Having this support gives me confidence and clarity on my costs and protects my business and profit.

Customer transparency 

Today, my estimates are far more detailed than a simple email. I personally present a comprehensive estimate to clients, including a summary of costs and a work schedule branded with JS Legacy’s logos and colours. I also share the complete bill of quantities that’s provided in the ‘Builder’ version of the Build Aviator report. While not everyone does this, I find sharing this level of detail reassures clients by showing them exactly how we arrived at the final figure. Therefore, if a client initially baulks at the total cost, breaking down each element allows us to adjust the spec to fit their budget. This detailed approach also minimises the chance of unforeseen costs.  

While unexpected issues can arise, thorough upfront planning reduces their frequency. When they do occur, this level of detail facilitates informed and transparent conversations with the client, allowing us to make necessary adjustments. This was impossible with the cost-per-square-metre method. Using Build Aviator has transformed my business, increased profitability, and freed up time for me to focus on what I lovedelivering top-quality builds on-site.  

It has also improved my work-life balance by reducing financial stress. I now have dedicated admin days with minimal time spent on estimating and reclaiming my evenings and weekends for myself and my family. Build Aviator has made JS Legacy more profitable and professional, giving me more time to enjoy life.  

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