Professional Builder reviews Regatta Professional workwear

Professional Builder reviews Regatta Professional workwear

Professional Builder’s Edward Kelly tests out some workwear from Regatta Professional. Here’s what he thought.

Fleece Pullover

The first of the three bits of workwear I’ll be reviewing, the Spruce Vintage Fleece Pullover, is certainly the most eye-catching. The colours look great, the fit is nice and the arms have a material strip along them that adds to the overall aesthetic.

More importantly, it’s practical too, managing to be comfortable and warm. In fact, I’ve worn this on a number of our colder Spring days and been suitably impressed (although you certainly wouldn’t need it in this weather!). This is no doubt thanks to the 350gsm 100% polyester high pile borg fleece that it’s made of, which really does feels like top notch stuff.

Features wise, the fleece has a half zip that feels comfortable open or closed and a chest pocket which uses the company’s branded snap fastening. While this pocket works well, and is handy to have, it contrasts with the lack of midriff pockets, leaving nowhere to keep your hands warm.

Work Trousers

Next up is a pair of Infiltrate Stretch work trousers in Black. Now I have to say, these are probably some of the most comfortable work trousers I’ve ever worn. The lining on the inside feels warm yet breathable and the 100% polyester woven stretch softshell fabric of the trousers ensures a great fit that moves with you. This was a welcome surprise as I’ve always been cursed with broad legs that often make work trousers a bit of a nuisance. As another plus, the trousers end in a bootcut that goes nicely over the ankles of my boots.

General and safety specific features include a sturdy outer fabric that’s tear and abrasion resistant, triple stitched seams and a reinforced crotch seam to prevent any embarrassing mishaps. The trousers also come with a water-repellent coating and there are reflective seams to give you a bit more visibility.

Pockets are always a big feature of work trousers and these have them in abundance. There’s detachable holsters, zipped pockets, back pockets and tool loops. The one downside was none of these seemed to fit my phone very well!


The last bit of workwear sent to me was the Steller Vest bodywarmer. This was a great final piece to the set and can be worn very comfortably as an outer third layer or just straight on top of a t shirt. It’s made from 100% polyester ripstop with a PU coating, has a taffeta lining, Thermo-Guard insulation and warm scrim pocket lining.

Speaking of pockets, this bodywarmer certainly isn’t lacking in them either. It has four lower pockets, two with zips and two without and two separate hand warming slits with a toasty fabric lining inside. There’s also a couple of outer chest pockets and one on the inside. You shouldn’t have any trouble getting your phone into the inside one and can feel secure knowing it’s not going to fall out anytime soon.

Overall, the bodywarmer does what it sets out to do and keeps it simple. It’ll keep most of the rain off of you and help you stay warm, there’s plenty of pockets and it looks pretty good too.

Final Thoughts

As my first experience with Regatta Professional workwear, I’m impressed. There’s a higher price point for the stuff, particularly the trousers, but this comes across as reflective of the quality. All of the gear I was sent looked great together and individually (in fact, up until recently I hadn’t stopped wearing the fleece!). To sum it up, everything feels comfortable, practical and fit for purpose. I look forward to seeing what Regatta Professional does next!

For more on Regatta Professional’s visit Regatta Professional – Branded Workwear and Work Uniforms.

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