Hilti launches versatile multitool on cordless Nuron platform

Hilti launches versatile multitool on cordless Nuron platform

Following 2022’s global launch of its totally cordless platform, Nuron, Hilti now announces the release of a cordless multitool this summer.

Now available to pre order in the UK, the multitool has been specifically designed to offer best in class ergonomics, high performance and advanced vibration reduction, offering users a safer and more productive experience in a range of settings.

The multitool has a long lasting and powerful brushless motor, which means less maintenance and an overall longer lifetime. Users will benefit from a bright LED light to light up any workspace, and an on off switch allowing for higher agility and productivity. An on off switch means users do not have to keep a trigger engaged to keep the multitool operational. Tools without this feature are known to be more wearing for the user, leading to fatigue, musculoskeletal disorders caused by vibration, and an overall drop in productivity.

A decoupled head reduces vibrations, keeping the tool steady in the hand and allowing for higher precision and smoother cuts. High energy transfer from the tool to the blade via the Starlock system and a strong and powerful motor means users will experience high performance and good insert lifetime.

The multitool can be combined with any Starlock-compatible insert or blade, and has a depth gauge, parallel guide and will come pre-mounted with a universal blade. Customers can choose from either a case or box version.

For more information on the multitool please visit Cordless oscillating multitool SMT 6-22 – Cordless Multi-tools – Hilti GB.

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